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Moving house - before or after

9 replies

CharBell · 09/03/2005 19:32

Am due 5th July. We are planning to move house but we are lazy and house still not on market. Is it really so horrible to move house just after baby is born? As long as we get help with packing and moving. Am not bothered about house being mess. I just have no concept of how knackered we are going to feel.

OP posts:
oooggs · 09/03/2005 19:34

We put our house on the market in October and have just sold. But we have had an offer accepted on a house but they are yet to find. When they do find it will probably take 12 weeks due to the chain. So even if they find this week thats 7 months.

This is just an example - you may not have a choice.

mummytosteven · 09/03/2005 19:37

If possible before. you are likely to be very knackered for several weeks if not months after the birth, depending on how well your little one sleeps. also having a new baby, tho lovely, is stressful on a relationship (particularly your first). i think best not to add the stress of house moving to that, if at all possible. you'll also have a lot more time before the birth to keep house tidy for buyers etc (am assuming this is going to be your first)

CrazyDi · 09/03/2005 20:51

hi..with every pregnancy i have moved straight before baby was due!! I am 35 weeks with number 3 now and am planning to move before the event!! Dont know if I have some kind of 'over the top' nesting thing going on but wild horses couldnt stop me...

The good thing about it is though, that both families rally together and get stuff done so being so heavily maybe its more to do with sitting and watching that attracts me!!

SenoraPostrophe · 09/03/2005 21:12

move before. That way you get out of all the lifting!

Actually I moved house when dd was 4 months and when preg with ds. Both were stressful.

eidsvold · 09/03/2005 22:33

we put our house on the market and it sold just before dd1 was born but had a long settlement period. We moved house two weeks after dd came home from hospital - she was in SCBU for three weeks.

Did not seem that big a deal - I had done a lot of packing before she was born and although had a caesarean did the rest afterwards and then dh and a friend moved our furniture.

wisely perhaps we should have moved and been settled before dd was born but with the complications arising from her condition - easier to stay where we were and have her in the hospital that were expecting us and knew what to do rather than having to change all antenatal appointments and gp and so on too.

eidsvold · 09/03/2005 22:35

just remembered - with dd2 - we moved to the other side of the world when I was 18 weeks pregnant - we then moved furniture that had been in storage from my mums to our house - again whilst everything was packed - I did all the unpacking etc...and friends helped dh move the furniture - ( could not afford removalist)..

I must have a stress overload gene somewhere in my body

janeybops · 09/03/2005 23:15

I would either do it before or a at least a couple of months after. Especially if this is your first and you don't have much experience with babies. I found having a newborn quite a shock as never really even held one before. The lack of sleep was torture!

CharBell · 10/03/2005 18:26

Thanks guys. It is my first but I think I'll just go for it and see what happens.

OP posts:
Mirage · 10/03/2005 19:45

Charbell-we are in a similar situation.We were vaguely considering moving,then found our dream house & had our offer accepted on it within 48 hours.I am 28 wks pregnant & am hoping we can move before the baby arrives.The house we are going to isn't in a chain,but we have yet to sell ours,which is going on the market in the next week.I also have an 18 month old to contend with,so keeping a pristine uncluttered house is going to be tough.

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