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I just whacked my bump with the car door

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trinityrocks · 09/03/2005 16:45

It hurt like hell at the time and it's not hurting now but I'm getting all paranoid, Do you think it's ok, It has moved since.

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PsychoFlame · 09/03/2005 16:47

I fell ontop of my bump (DD1) when my husband chased me with a spider, two days before she was born - she was overdue, so not caused by fall!!!

If baby has moved then everything should be fine - they are very well insulated with all the water around them. Call your midwife and they will reassure you if you are still worried.


beansprout · 09/03/2005 16:47

You poor thing. Don't worry, baby will be fine. All that fluid, it's like one lovely cushion. Plus you have felt him/her move, so no worries. Are you ok though?

dizzymama · 09/03/2005 16:48

You probably hurt a lot more than dd/ds!! They're nicely surrounded by water and tummy, it more than likely felt like a ripple effect! Don't panic, I threw myself down the stairs when 34 weeks with dd, I ached like hell but she was fine! But... if in doubt contact midwife (but I really don't think there should be a problem [smile[)

trinityrocks · 09/03/2005 16:58

Thanks for your kind replies
It's def. moving just like it was b4 and I'm not hurting anymore so I feel much better now.
All that you have said makes sense
Thanks again [much less paranoid emoticon]

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