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Any others due in November 05

38 replies

HellKat · 06/03/2005 08:25

Just curious to see how many other women are due in November too
I turned 5 weeks yesterday and feeling absolutely fine (no sickness etc) apart from backache. Slightly worried this time around as last pg I had quite bad SPD and ds came 6 weeks early but lots of R & R should keep me fine
By the way a little about me:
Aged 30
2 Ds's aged 12 and 11 mths,
A wonderful DP
And Pg!

OP posts:
mrow · 10/03/2005 16:34

Hi, New to website. Am due in October/November - Awaiting a dating scan to confirm! First pregnancy so a bit new to all this. Can anyone tell me how much say one should have in where they recieve prenatal care and give birth? Went to doc this am and wasnt given any choice in the matter! Any advice??

BEKsmum · 11/03/2005 09:06

mrow, congratulations, you might want to post on the antenatal club page instead of this one and then the others can give you more advice.

As far as I know from my first pregnancy, you have to go through your doctors and they pass you on to the midwife attached to the clinic or to the group midwives who cover a few dr's in the area and then you are referred to the local hospital for blood tests, scans etc.

If you want to have a say in what happens to you then the best thing is to go back to your dr and ask what your options are in your area and they should be able to give you some more advice.

Sorry not much help!

Diddle · 11/03/2005 13:30

Hi I am 6 weeks too, found out last weekend, feeling very scared, my 2nd pregnancy, miscarried not long ago wiht my first, so i am a nervous wreck. Trying to take it easy and stay calm, which isn't easy. I'm a childminder and have upto 6 kids a day already.

I'm 24 yrs and this will be our first child.

Congrats to all the other November mums to be, it will be great having you all for support.

cp3 · 11/03/2005 22:01

Me Me Me Hellkat. What Nov Thread should i be on, there is 3 i think.

age 37
Work from Home
Living in Sin
17 year old DD
2.8 DD
1.8 Ds
And Just found out PG again, not sure how far but very early on.

BEKsmum · 11/03/2005 22:34

congrats & best wishes cp3, see you on the Nov 05 Antenatal club thread

FlowerLady · 12/03/2005 01:49

Hello everybody.
Can i join as well?!
Found out last friday(so today started my 6 week.)Feel very tired and sleepy all the time, and would like to eat all the time as well....not good, dont want to gain too much weigh again,because last time i looked huge.
Congratulations 2 everybody else as well.

A little about me as well.
I'm 21(so lets say...young)
I have a son-21 months old.New baby is with my new partner and planned.My writing in english is horrible, cause i have been liveing in uk only 8 months, so basically i can talk, but i'm horrible in writing..but i hope people still understand me, and sorry about all the mistakes.

anyway good luck to everyone.x x x

BEKsmum · 12/03/2005 02:10

Welcome & congrats flowerlady, don't forget to post on the Nov 05 antenatal club thread that's where all the others are.

Take care.

HellKat · 12/03/2005 06:13

Congrats C3!!
Fantastic seeing you here after the ttc thread!
I was on there too but luckily not too long!!

OP posts:
HellKat · 12/03/2005 06:15

Congrats to you Flower!!!
Wahooo all these November to be mums!!
Might be easier though going back to the other thread "Due in Nov". Or do we stay here?
Confused he he

OP posts:
Diddle · 12/03/2005 11:12

congrats flowerlady, don't worry about not being able to write well in English, i am English borna nd bred and have problems typing and spelling my words right all the time.

Where are you from originally?

FlowerLady · 13/03/2005 19:40

Thanxs everyone.You are all so nice here.
Originally from Estonia...he he most people have no idea where it is anyway

Diddle · 14/03/2005 14:02

Flowerlady, you should join the ante natal thread - Due in November 2005??!!? The one with about 80 messages on it, there are a couple going but most are posting messages on the above thread. see you there

FlowerLady · 14/03/2005 21:58

Thanx, managed to join already.Just looking here as well...just in case

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