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strange non-food cravings........

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shrub · 05/03/2005 21:24

this is going to sound so very weird but want to know i'm not alone?
with all 3 pregnancies from about 8 months onwards i have had the same craving for my dh's fleece jumper i have to try really hard to only eat the most smallest amount as its made from cotton, polyester and acrylic also would quite happily eat loads of natural sponge given the chance. find both absolutely delicious! once i had my 2 ds's completely baffled and lost cravings instantly.
anyone else?

OP posts:
misdee · 05/03/2005 21:29

soap. noe the bar, the foam. was hard to stop myself trying to eat foam lol.

shrub · 05/03/2005 21:34

thanks misdee - any particular flavour? recently talked to someone who use to creep downstairs at night and chew the rubber seal on the washing machine door!

OP posts:
misdee · 05/03/2005 21:35

any foam. even fairy liquid foam looked good to me. only ever had this with 3rd pregnancy. they say non-food cravings indicate you could be lacking in certain minerals and this is your bodies way of making sure u get enough.

did you leave a hole in your dh jumper?

shrub · 05/03/2005 21:38

wow -what minerals can we get from fairy liquid and polyester/acrylic mix???
no holes in jumper as i'm nibbling evenly all the way round

OP posts:
mogwai · 05/03/2005 21:43

this is the funniest thread I've read all day. Brilliant. Hope I don't suffer!

Mind you, I do fancy nibbling Bono's neck. If this is a craving I've been pregnant for about 16 years!!!

misdee · 05/03/2005 21:54

lol. i always fancied licking george clooney. dh tells me he is too old for me

samwifewithkid · 06/03/2005 14:38

mine is sniffing bath sponges very odd! Had it worse in my first pregnancy, but the temptation is still there this pg. If I look at the sponge, I have to sniff it (don't ask me, I don't know)

suzywong · 06/03/2005 14:41

chalk, not in a stick but in powder like atheletes and climbers put on their hands, and slightly granular rather than powdery

Never go any though

A friend of mine was a rep driving round London all day in the winter, she was desparate to run her finger across the filthy bonnet of her audi and lick it. And the day before she left for maternity leave she did.

With her second pg she had a thing for organic baby carrots from tesco

SeaShells · 06/03/2005 14:42

I had an overwhelming urge to sniff cleaning products, soaps, disinfectants, bathroom sprays, that sort of thing, it was terrible, I did have a very clean home whilst pregnant as a result though!

stitch · 06/03/2005 14:43

ive heard of women eating mud!

Brighteyes · 06/03/2005 17:12

Stitch I'm 30 weeks pg and I crave mud. When I had mud on my shoes a couple of weeks ago I had to take my shoes off and put them in the boot of the car to stop me licking them, the craving was really that strong.

I also crave chalk, plaster (recently had the nursery skimmed and I couldn't go in there till the plaster was dry because I was tempted to lick the walls) and Rennies, they have to be the original chalky tasting rennies though. The last one ain't so bad since I'm suffering from really bad heartburn.

Just wish I had some normal cravings like ice cream and chocolate so I could pig out on them. With the cravings I've got I just have to try my best to resist them.

misdee · 06/03/2005 17:17

seashells, i also loved the smell of cleaning stuff when pregnant as well as things burning. i used to light candles and blow them out.

kymbo · 06/03/2005 17:18

Same as seashells,
had incredible urges to just sniff cleaning products,especially Cif!!

biglips · 06/03/2005 18:10

brighteyes -

i didnt have any cravings but you all sounds like a bunch of weirdos!!!!

lunavix · 06/03/2005 18:27

chewing sponges!

ScummyMummy · 06/03/2005 18:30

Ooo- this is called pica, isn't it? My mother-in-law had terrible cravings for soil during her pregnancies and told me all about it when I first became pregnant with my boys. I was v disappointed that all my cravings were food based. It sounded quite passionate and bizarre to be scooping up rich earth for tea somehow.

anchovies · 06/03/2005 19:06

I had a real problem with charcoal. I once ate a full briquette which my DH found hilarious when I admitted it later. I even went to the docs who said it was a carbon craving?

sizeofahouse · 10/03/2005 13:06

yes I'm with you on coal, tar soap with ds1, and same this time but most of all desperate for a cigarette, haven't smoked since I was 21 (I'm 37 now!) people at bus-stops who are smoking stand away from me and I try to shuffle towards them so I can have a smell - how perverse is that! Also my ds was eating a natural sponge in the bath the other day and I, just to join in the fun took a bite too - delicious! Could certainly lick some charcoal - six weeks to go, I'm gonna buy a cigar I think and just light it! Yum!

orangina · 11/03/2005 16:22

no strange cravings from me I'm afraid, but my cousin needed to eat pencils for some reason.... and found that the little ones from ikea were the best.... she went on regular visits and grabbed handfuls of them, ate them throughout her whole pregnancy... (strangest one I've heard so far...)

CrazyDi · 12/03/2005 01:39

Do you know...I have just read this thread and I feel great....for so long I have been accused of being a wierdo!! I am terrible for sitting in the bath sniffing the sponge...especially after covering it with pears coal tar soap!! I sniff like mad at vosene shampoo and am terrible with cleaning products!! I stand and sniff at washing up liquid (fairy lemon being my fave or morning frsh!!). My hubby thinks i has lost the plot...maybe I have but at least I know I'm not alone!!

shrub · 12/03/2005 20:56

still nibbling if i thought about it too much i could quite happily eat the whole jumper and then the sponge for pudding. it is so weird as its happened at the same time (last trimester) in all 3 pregnancies. i would rather eat this than chocolate, my dh got so worried the first time he hid his jumper and i went completely mad until he gave it back. thinking back i did have strange appetite as a child i use to eat paper and the fluff around my socks. oh dear
has anyone told their midwife? i'm too ashamed as i know i should stop, but can't.

OP posts:
expatkat · 12/03/2005 21:00

During my second pregnancy I had an intense craving for cigarettes (but I wanted to smoke them not eat them!) even though I'd successfuly given up smoking nearly 10 yrs before. I just managed not to give in.

PuffTheMagicDragon · 12/03/2005 21:04

When my Mum was pregnant with my brother, she insisted on being driven to all the local petrol stations so she could smell the petrol.

My brother is aircraft engineer !

mememum · 13/03/2005 12:18

So glad I'm not alone! I gave birth 10 days ago and cravings have definitely disappeared. I had cravings for smells aswell, I am another who loved to fill the car with petrol! Also developed a craving for smelling alcohol wipes which the company I work for sells. My only food craving was Lemons which I had in both pregnancies but the smells one only happened in my 2nd pregnancy.

scoobz · 05/09/2007 19:17

My friend had a weird craving for sausages and strawberry custard (together) she also had a craving for rubber tyres, though thankfully she never tried eating those (i hope)

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