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Varicose Veins - any tips to relieve them?

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pinkmama · 05/03/2005 10:25

Hi, I am 19 weeks pg with 3rd. Developed a relatively small varicose vein at top of thigh when pg with ds, but it disappeared after pg. Now, at only 19 weeks the same vein came back, but now it has spread right down to my knee. It is hot and sore, and the whole of the front of my thigh ache. It gets worse as the day goes on. Now I don't stand around or sit around for ages, I walk quite a lot, don't work so can put my feet up from time to time - what else can I do? I dread to think what it will be like by 8 months. I am not due to see midwife again until about 24 weeks so any top tips or advice would be gratefully received.

OP posts:
pinkmama · 05/03/2005 18:38

Anyone? Please? Its really sore

OP posts:
hoxtonchick · 05/03/2005 18:40

heeeeeeelllllllllloooooooooooo. no advice! but i have sciatica like last time but a lot earlier and it's bloody agony. xxx

pinkmama · 05/03/2005 19:41

Thats not good HC. Avoided that so far. Looks like support stockings it is for me!

OP posts:
myermay · 05/03/2005 19:46

Message withdrawn

vess · 06/03/2005 06:06

Other than support stockings there's nothing you can do, I'm afraid. And putting your feet up. Swimming should be good too.
There's lots of different kinds of support stockings, so you can find something that works for you.
I've got varicose veins (which have developed into spider veins, or whatever you call them) - on my right leg from the knee down. They don't hurt or itch but look horrible. The doctor did recommend support stockings, which are supposed to reduce spreading and also relieve pain if there is any. Must admit I haven't been wearing them all that much - too tight and uncomfortable and drive me mad!
Does anyone know whether these things are likely to disappear, or at least improve after the pregnancy? Please!
I really hope so!
The other thing is, veins tend to get worse with every pregnancy

Ameriscot2005 · 06/03/2005 06:11

Haemerroid cream!

This was advice given to me by my midwife - and it worked, even the herbal stuff.

joesy · 06/03/2005 08:18

My mum swears by witch hazel. It cools the area down. Just pour some onto cotton wool and rub it on the affected area. Worth a ago.

pinkmama · 06/03/2005 11:30

Thanks guys! Myermay - suspect mine are heading in that direction too , quite sore! You have my full sympathy. How long do you have to go?

Vess, mine did go completely after my last pg, and from what I remember almost immediately. I had no problems with them again until this pg.

Hmm, guess i ought to head out for some stockings! Suppose they cant be more unnatractive than my bulging blue vein though!

OP posts:
vess · 07/03/2005 05:01

Thanks pinkmama - sounds encouraging!
As far as stockings are concerned, it's the thick (and uncomfortable) ones that are supposed to help most - but I know there are some 'normal' looking tights that offer some support and might be a better option 'cause you're more likely to wear them. Personally I can't stand my sock-type things, and that's only bellow the knee!

pinkmama · 07/03/2005 08:14

My goodnes Ves, you were up early!
Thanks for advice re stockings. Actually were do you buy them? Chemist or somewhere like M&S? Funny all these things you know are out there and then realise you have no idea where!
How long of our pg have you got left? I do hope yours go soon. I haven't spoken to anyone else with them so I have no idea how long the average is for them to disappear, but I do remember being amazed at the speed mine went. You are right about them getting worse every pg, didnt have them at all with 1st, then with 2nd they didnt come until 30+ week, but as I say, this time they must have started by at least week 12. Think this baby determined to make itself my last!
Good luck!

OP posts:
vess · 07/03/2005 08:34

Actually not up early, just living in a different time zone (Dubai). The stockings - here I saw a lot at the chemists, should have them in the UK too - and I'll be really surprised if Boots doesn't have them - so I suppose that's the best place to ask first.
My baby is due 16 March, so not that long to go... It's the second one, I'd probably like to have a 3rd sometime after but can't imagine what my leg would look like then! Strangely it's only on the right leg, the left one is ok. The thing is, from the vein the blood pushes through the smaller blood vessels, leaving your skin with something like bruises - and the stockings are supposed to prevent that.
Hope you feel better soon!

pinkmama · 07/03/2005 09:28

Ahh, I see, that makes sense. Cant imagine what its like having a pregnancy in heat of somewhere like Dubai. My last 2 pgs were winter babies so the last bit was always done in the cold. This one due end of July so not looking forward to that last bit in the heat, but then this is Britain so may be worrying over nothing. Glad end is in sight for you. Good luck!

OP posts:
orangina · 07/03/2005 14:07

myermay i am suffering from the same as you ! it is NOT comfortable and unlike all sorts of other complaints, not one I can talk about freely to gain advice/sympathy! Will try witchhazel and h. cream though, anything is worth trying to make it feel better (are you SURE that it will go afterwards?!?! ?!?!)

myermay · 07/03/2005 17:06

Message withdrawn

orangina · 08/03/2005 13:56

so glad to hear of someone who has said it went back to normal afterwards.... i can't imagine anything being normal down there afterwards....! I haven't tried any of the witchhazel/h. cream/lavender gell remedies yet, have midwife appt next week, will ask then. Gets very painful sometimes, especially if I have been sitting down for a while or when I get up in the morning .... will let you know how i get on with any of these remedies!

Lolasmum · 09/03/2005 12:45

Hi Pinkmamma. I've got one too Dh spotted it last night. It's huge! I had a look on the babycentre website this morning and one of the the things they suggested was sleeping on your left side. ( That sounds a bit easier than wearing tights. They sound yucky. You can apparently get the tights on prescription. Glad to hear from you that they disapear after giving birth. I was dreading having it for life.
Myermay and Orangina, a woman in my anti-natal yoga class has "got one down there". The yoga teacher said that pelvic floor exercises help as they increase the blood flow to the area and help them to go. She said you need to do 100 "quickies" morning and night.

MamanFlo · 09/03/2005 13:18

you can find socks rather than tights, and they look exactly like normal socks. The relief is overnight really, and the little varicose veins that started to appear have disappeared right away.
I don't wear the socks everyday, but something like 2 days per week.

I am also using a specific cream from Clarins (anti jambes lourdes), it works but not as well as the socks.

orangina · 09/03/2005 13:58

thanks lolasmum for that advice.... am trying to do lots of pelvic floor exercises anyway. Have recently discovered that it's a good way to get back to sleep when I'm feeling wide awake (but knakcered at the same time) in the middle of the night. Start a few sets, and before you know what#s happening, you have succesfully bored yourself back to sleep!

Lolasmum · 09/03/2005 14:25

Orangina - I get lots of moments like those in the middle of the night too. I will try your tip! I was doing them at the bus stop every morning until my yoga teacher pointed out what funny faces all of us in the class were making whilst doing them !

qsack · 10/03/2005 20:17

Hi All
i'm 36 wks, got crazy varicose veins around the whole of my left leg from the knee down plus a small one on the inside of my thigh, plus spider veins covering all the gaps! i had one with first pg, which caused no bother, these started at about 18wks. i got prescribed some support tights and they help massively with discomfort. i'm not sure how much worse they are getting but it's a slow progression. as soon as i get up in the morning they hurt so have to wear the tights straight away! real pain, but i'm just glad it's not summer and am hoping the next 4 weeks are 'cool weather wise!!' i'm really hoping they go away after birth , if not i'll have permanent fake tan on my legs!

Lenka53 · 24/03/2014 11:42

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HazeltheMcWitch · 24/03/2014 11:45

Psst, Lenka - you're not a very subtle spammer, are you?

Huffpot · 24/03/2014 13:33

I'm on my third baby now...4th pregnancy though and my veins are awful!
they go all up and down both legs so need to get some full tights for them which aren't apparently available on prescription. I'm not sure what compression I need though so need to wait to see doctor to check.
I found some online at a site called Pebbles

Bexicles · 24/03/2014 13:38

There are some yoga poses which may help,

NaturalBaby · 24/03/2014 13:40

Support stockings. I got them on prescription for my 3rd.

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