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Second time bumps - how big , how quickly??

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bluebear · 19/02/2003 15:46

I'm 7 weeks pregnant with child number 2 and I feel like I'm bursting out of my clothes already. Have I been eating too many pies or is this normal?

OP posts:
sobernow · 19/02/2003 15:49

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Bears · 19/02/2003 22:58

I'm 17 wks pg with 2nd & been in maternity wear for a couple of weeks now - definitely sooner than 1st time. I think I got away with normal clothes 'til about 20 wks.

Marina · 20/02/2003 10:57

I feel the same Bluebear, definite bump at 16 weeks, but more importantly I guess from this posting everything is still OK for you! I know you were worried recently. Great news.

lisaj · 20/02/2003 13:19

Bluebear, if it's any consolation I started to have a very definite bump at about 8 weeks with my second, all to do with everything having stretched before. If, like me, you didn't exercise much after your first pregnancy, then you often do get a bump very quickly second time around.

bells2 · 20/02/2003 15:37

Well I too am almost 9 weeks pregnant with number 3 and have a protuding belly which I am struggling to conceal. Mind you, I suspect it was probably there already but I did my best not to notice it.

Marina · 20/02/2003 15:41

Excellent news Bells, many congratulations!

bossykate · 20/02/2003 15:55

hey that's great! congratulations!

WideWebWitch · 20/02/2003 16:33

Oh bells, brilliant! Congratulations!

bayleaf · 20/02/2003 16:45

Wow - you kept that quiet on the ttc thread Bells - Wonderful news! -
It's about time we had a few more success stories!! Any hot tips????

bells2 · 20/02/2003 16:53

I just convinced myself that at 38, it was either never going to happen or would take for ever. I did use the ovulation sticks which seemed to do the trick. Or perhaps it was simply the case that this one was conceived during our wonderful trip to Venice...

Anyway, thanks so much for the kind words. I am absolutely over the moon about it although it will means enormous changes in our household. I intend to leave work as soon as I am eligible tp, never to return (well to the city anyway). As to how I will cope as a SAHM without any childcare help to three under 4 1/4, well that's another question!.

Batters · 20/02/2003 19:40

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

pupuce · 20/02/2003 19:48

Fab news Bells....
I didn't know you wanted a 3rd... well I am not following you this time (at least for the time being!)

bossykate · 20/02/2003 20:37

aha, you are leaving the city... good luck, and i hope all works out well for you. no doubt it will be a challenge, but just think of all those organisational skills you will be able to apply!

now, where do you get those ovulation sticks?

ScummyMummy · 20/02/2003 21:09

Bells- that is great news, girlfriend! Congratulations

Sid · 21/02/2003 10:29

Bells, congratulations. My three are now nearly six, three and nearly one (hence the reason for not posting on here for ages - I just about have time to read the posts) and I think it is just about to get easier. Of course I can't ever imagine not having the third now and can't believe that I worried so much about whether to have him. If someone gave me a huge dollop of money, I would even think about having a fourth. (did I really say that?) I was made redundant following my last maternity leave, so that made the decision about what to do about work easier, though I do worry how soon I should get back into the labour market and whether anyone would want me. Good luck, anyway. (And sorry, this doesn't really have anything to with my stomach size, but I did look pretty much the same at every stage with each baby)

bluebear · 21/02/2003 11:02

COngratulations Bells!
Thanks for all bump-related replies - I guess I'm mainly worried as I have a job interveiw (long story!) in a few weeks and I have no idea what I'll be able to wear - too big for my normal clothes, too small for maternity clothes, and loathe to spend money on an outfit to wear once!
Marina - thanks for posting, yes I've had no more spotting and I'm starting to feel more positive again (24 hour 'morning' sickness has never been more welcome!)

OP posts:
Wills · 21/02/2003 12:35

bluebear - know what you mean re: morning sickness but really can't see why they termed it morning.

As for clothes I'm told that H&M do very reasonably prices larger and maternity clothes. You might want to try them. Alternatively they are websites selling secondhand maternity clothes and larger clothes and possibly you pickup a cheap suit from them. I would search and give you the sites but I daren't at work so will try tonight.

CAM · 21/02/2003 13:35

Many congratulations Bells, but I had already guessed! How? Well, on another thread you were talking about children and said "my eldest two" and I thought "Hey up!" (even though I'm not from the north).

tigermoth · 21/02/2003 15:35

bells, congratulations and here's to lots of happy days ahead as a SAHM.

EmmaTMG · 21/02/2003 18:03

When I was PG with with DS1 my 'waist'(if that you could call it) measured 42" at 40 weeks, When I was PG with DS2 it measured 40" by 28 weeks so I was almost fit to burst. Thankfully it did slow down and the I think the final measurment was about 48" although I have to admit I didn't dare check!
I'm PG again now and already at 10 weeks I've got a belly and NOTHING fits anymore......oh what a shame I think I may need to hit the shops!

Twink · 21/02/2003 18:05

Ooh, just caught up with this, congratulations Bells and hope you enjoy the 'mum, can we do cutting and sticking' as much as I do (mostly !)

Bugsy · 25/02/2003 12:39

Oh Bells, thats great news! I am delighted you are delighted. (Privately, of course I think you are bonkers
) I've tried to do a winking smiley here.
I hope all goes well with this pregnancy and your new life.

pamina · 25/02/2003 14:29

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bells2 · 25/02/2003 14:36

Don't Pamina!. I have been throwing up every morning now for around 6 weeks (this didn't happen with nunmbers 1 or 2) and have a huge sticky out tummy. I have been fretting about twins as there are 2 sets in DH's family. One reason I wouldn't have a fourth is the mortal terror that it could be twins and I would end up with five.

NQWWW · 25/02/2003 14:46

Pamina - you've scared me!

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