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Minimum amount of care to expect in pregnancy- Mears , any one?

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cori · 20/02/2005 10:02

I am 8 weeks pregnant with second child. I have just recieved a letter for my booking appointment which happen when I am 15 weeks pregnant. I have no appointments with any midwives before this time. I will be calling my GP tomorow to complain. It seems a bit late to be starting my anti antal care. I am concerned. I seem to remember having appointments every month with my last pregnancy, but I was in a different area then. Surely there must be some national standards on the minmum amount of care pregnant women should recieve.
If any one can give me some advice on this, it would be appreciated.

OP posts:
Nettee · 23/02/2005 12:51

I really liked going to an acupunturist during the first 12 weeks for morning sickness treatment. I don't think it helped the morning sickness much but it was someone who was interested in talking to me about how I was feeling.

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