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Waters broken at 25 weeks and gone to hospital ...what now?

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forevermore · 20/02/2005 08:01

My sisters waters have just broken and she has gone into hospital. at only 25 weeks gestation what can we expect to happen; does anyone know of babies born so early?
what are the chances of survival?

OP posts:
Beetroot · 20/02/2005 08:07

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Message withdrawn

smellymelly · 20/02/2005 08:17

It may be ok, they will keep her in, and see which waters have gone and how much. It is possible to renew your waters and go full term, so keep your fingers crossed!!

lockets · 20/02/2005 08:57

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HappyMumof2 · 20/02/2005 09:14

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stewarty · 20/02/2005 09:18

I am a neonatal nurse and it's really difficult to say how things will turn out .Your sister may hang on for another few weeks but either way prepare the family for a long hard slog.there are usually many ups and downs ,tears and smiles.These little babies are hardy things and often they make the decision whether to stay or whether its too much hard work.Will be thinking about you all.Think happy,positive thoughts

stewarty · 20/02/2005 09:20

Agree with mum of two aswell ,this may be a false alarm but it's best to be prepared for all eventualities

forevermore · 20/02/2005 23:50

thanks for messages really helpful, exhausted since spent the whole day in hospital. she is being transfered to a hospital 3 hours away since the neonatal intensive care if full in our area....anyhow she is in good spirits, waters completely broken so just wating for baby to make an appearance. thanks again

OP posts:
Ellbell · 21/02/2005 22:15


Have they given her steroids of some sort for the baby's lungs? I was taken in at 27 weeks with dd1 because of bleeding, and was given steroids (dexamethosone??) immediately and weekly thereafter. I was told that even one dose can make a huge difference to the baby's ability to breathe....

If she is up to it, she could ask to be shown round the SCBU. Again, they did this for me and dh, and although it was scary and a bit upsetting, I was glad that I'd seen it, so that if my baby was born very early and needed to go there I'd know what all the machines looked like and the noises they made and so on. I also got to see what a 27-week gestation baby looked like, which again would have been reassuring if mine had been born then. Thankfully my bleeding calmed down and dd hung on in there till 36 weeks, but I was glad I'd had that look around, just in case...

Good luck. Thinking of you and your sister.

forevermore · 03/03/2005 14:30

hi all

my sister is now 27 weeks and still no baby, and no waters! somehow it has been decided that better to leave baby there. But can baby develop without water? is it really any better than inducing/c-section to get the baby out now?

OP posts:
Toothache · 03/03/2005 14:33

Forevermore - The amniotic sac may have resealed and amniotic fluid is produced constantly anyway. So it sounds like the little one has it's safe cosy place to grow for another few weeks.

RTKangaMummy · 03/03/2005 14:45

She is on steriods and antibiotics though isn't she

well done for holding on

please keep us updated

Good luck

Cookies87 · 18/06/2023 16:21

What happend with your sister then? Did baby make it

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