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anyone recommend water birth

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tommy1 · 17/02/2005 21:13

went to see midwife today (28 wks), got talking about birth and she asked me if i,d thought about a water birth. this is my 4th baby , always had natural births with my sons. don,t know anyone personally who has experienced w/birth. can anyone help?

OP posts:
nappybaglady · 17/02/2005 21:22

Yes, had 2nd baby in pool. Didn't take the pain away much but made things feel more relaxed. There's been a v recent thread about this so try looking in the archive. sorry I haven't sent a link - not techie enough

roisin · 17/02/2005 21:22

Yes! Fab! Wonderful! Amazing! I've done one on land, two in water. Water definitely better.

snafu · 17/02/2005 21:23

How nice to hear a midwife actually suggest a waterbirth!

pupuce · 17/02/2005 21:24

Hi tommy - water births are amazing.
Go under childbirth, we talk about it a lot!
Go for it !!!

roisin · 17/02/2005 21:24

recent thread here

roisin · 17/02/2005 21:25

Do you like baths, swimming, and being in water? Personally I love it, especially when pregnant. So for me a waterbirth was just a logical decision.

tommy1 · 17/02/2005 21:31

sounds all pos and no neg so thats encouraging. can they still mon heart rate ok in pool? but there again got quite small maternity in cheltenham and have heard may is gonna be a busy month so expect all depends if pool is free on day! due fri 13th may so doubt it!!!

OP posts:
Amanda3266 · 17/02/2005 21:36

This ex-midwife can strongly recommend them (even though I ended with an emergency LSCS for DS). I've assisted several women to birth in water (some in hospital and some at home) and they've all been fantastic. Not only that but even more women used the pool for pain relief before going onto other methods - it helped them relax. I say go for it.

pupuce · 17/02/2005 21:37

Well that's the thing if it's busy, it's busy.
Fetal heart monitoring is done with the same handheld doppler monitor they use at antenatl visits. It's waterproof.

Amanda3266 · 17/02/2005 21:37

They monitor the heart rate with a handheld monitor ( a waterproof one) which means you shouldn't need to keep lifting your bump out of the water every 15 mins.

dinny · 17/02/2005 21:46

I really wanted one, Tommy, both times. First I couldn't as dd pre-term but second I had the pool in the nice birthing room of our hospital and really didn't lime it. Just felt a bit out of control. Have come to the conclusion I liek labouring standing up leaning on a shelf It did feel blisful being in the water for the first five mins though - I'd say give it a go, you may love it. Good luck with your pg and birth

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