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is bowling safe when pregnant?

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milkbar · 06/02/2003 10:24

Does anyone know if it is ok to go Bowling when 17 wks pregnant? We are having an office night out but my pregnant colleague is worried that bowling isn't safe. Beomg a Mum I'm supposed to know but I don't!

OP posts:
MiriamW · 06/02/2003 10:31

Unless she has a really energetic bowling technique, I can't see why not. I've gone a couple of times at that stage and later and have had no problems, and I'm "high-risk" with a cervical suture. But I don't take a 50 yard run-up to the line! You are meant to avoid strenuous exercise if you're not used to it. Certainly no blanket restriction that I'm aware of (and I've a list of things that I'm not allowed to do incl flying etc).

lou33 · 06/02/2003 10:34

I would have thought so milkbar. If you mean because of lifting the heavy bowling ball, then if your friend doesn't want to you can use a sort of slide that rolls the ball down for you. It's used a lot for children to be able to play. But remember that mums with toddlers and are pg pick their kids up all the time, and they are fine. I was picking mine up right til the end. As long as she doesn't feel any unusual pains then she'd probably be ok. That's assuming she is having a normal pg and hasn't been given specific instructions about lifting or carrying of course.

milkbar · 06/02/2003 13:53

Thanks, good advice, I'll pass it on.

OP posts:
Lollypop · 06/02/2003 22:30

I wen tbowling during both pregnancies. No adverse affects in fact I got my best score yet when 30+ weeks pg!

helenmc · 07/02/2003 21:22

I went bowling and the bump got in the way....and unfortunately didn't improve my score!!! Seriously, if you feel a tweak then stop...but enjoy yourself!!

aloha · 07/02/2003 21:53


jasper · 08/02/2003 06:16

Bowling is never safe if your image is important to you.
Have you seen those shoes they make you wear?

mieow · 08/02/2003 06:59

I went bowling 1.6 years ago when about 16 weeks pregnant with DD2. I even helped my DS put his ball on the ramp. I was fine, and I have a high risk of premature births and a irratable womb.

ROBERTnCOURTNEYSmum · 23/03/2003 23:19

I went bowling on holiday.
I was in pain but thought It was braxton hicks when really I was in labour.
So I would say if you feel ok go for it.
If you feel funny stop and get advice.
I cant believe it now but Its kinda funny looking back.

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