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24 weeks preg and a horrible cold - can I use Karvol/Olbas Oil?

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lummox · 07/02/2005 10:43

Am 24 weeks pregnant with a horrible cold. I'm feeling deprived enough that I can't have Lemsip, but it's just occurred to me that maybe I shouldn't inhale with Karvol or Olbas either.

Does anyone know if they are safe in pregnancy?

OP posts:
Leogaela · 07/02/2005 11:13

I used olbas oil so i hope it is safe. I dont think it said anything on the package about it not being safe. I ahve taked baths in it before when I've had really bad colds but thought it may not be the best idea during pregnancy! Check with the pharmacy.

Lua · 07/02/2005 11:33

I have used obas inhalers. They were the only thing my pharmacist would let me have! I belive it is safe.
Disclaimer : This is my opinion only, not a doctor !

Sponge · 07/02/2005 11:37

Olbas is fine.
I was advised that Sudafed was also fine, so if you get really bunged up you can take this.
There's actually no real reason not to take Lemsip as it's paracetamol based and psuedo-ephadrine, the decongestant, has no known ill-effects.

Marina · 07/02/2005 11:43

Agree Olbas is fine, a pharmacist checked it for me when I was similarly afflicted.
Hope you feel better soon.

lummox · 07/02/2005 13:48

That is fantastic - might now be able to get some sleep tonight.

Thanks to all.

OP posts:
lummox · 07/02/2005 13:55

That is fantastic - might now be able to get some sleep tonight.

Thanks to all.

OP posts:
Eva3 · 07/02/2005 14:01

I have a terrible tickly throat/ cough - can I take Sudafed extra strength lozengers.? Is there anything else out there that may help? Am 40 wks today, coughed most of the night and am exhausted!!

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