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car seats

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vicstervic · 29/01/2005 09:46

Anyone got any strong views on the best car seat to start off with? I have bought a Britax First Class, which can be used from birth to 4yrs, but I wonder if I've missed a trick not getting a carrier that can click in and out of the car. I'm unlikely to have to use the car every day, as I'm lucky and live within walking distance of a M&S, Boots, Mothercare, Starbucks - but I'll probably head out to see friends a couple of times a week.

I chose it because it has a reclining feature, which was recommended to stop a newborn's hed tipping forwards. Also - the idea that a newborn should only be in a car seat for up to an hour and a half at a time made me think that I'd have to wake the baby up at some point during a typical trip out anyway. Ooooh, so confusing!!

OP posts:
jessicasmummy · 29/01/2005 09:50

i had a click in and out car seat and it was great for the first 3 months - by then the baby is sooooo heavy, you cant physically carry them about anymore. we have just put jess (6 months) into a big girl car seat and she is sooooo much happier... loads more room and isnt squished! go with what you have got - a better investment in the long term.... ive still got my base and car seat (bought a travel system pram) for #2's first few months. Not sure about the only leave baby in car seat for an hour or 2 - my poor little angel has spent loads more time in hers - we travel a 400 mile round trip every month, and took her to scotland for a week in october - she was in it for 6 hours a day for 2 days!!!

Stripymouse · 29/01/2005 09:54

Those baby carrier first seats look great and the idea seems sensible - did it for DD1. For DD2 I went down the Britax First class series instead. I found the carrier type so awkward to hold - it is so bulky you have to hold it away from your body in a way that makes it feel even heavier than it is. Combined with a change bag over my shoulder and a couple of shopping was too much.
The only time I found it handy was if she fell asleep in the car and I could then lift her in and not actually move her. My hv told me off about this as she explained that babies should sleep flat at every oportunity and better to carefully lift her out and into her cot - argument being that if she was really tired and woke up early, she would settle back down easily enough..
The other possible argument for them is when you are visiting someone?s house and want a "safe" little rocking seat for them to sit in/doze for a short while. It can be useful - particularly if you are visiting a household with boisterous toddlers as it can give a little bit of extra protection - though not a lot.
I didn?t bother with DD2 - had a portable moses basket for visiting, a rug for lying her down on at friends houses and a Maclaren Techno for shopping (didn?t bother with a full blown pram either, not enough space to store one let alone the cost).
Be careful that this thread dioesn?t confuse you further as there are bound to be plenty of opposing opinions. Go with what seems to make most sense for you and what will fit into your budget and lifestyle best.

jessicasmummy · 29/01/2005 09:58

agree with the "ease" of the carry handle car seats for visiting.... i miss that a lot because now i have to hold her all the time and she doesnt like it! Laying her on the floor at my friends houses isnt realyl an option as their little ones have jsut started walking! You can imagine the whole dont stand on her head thing!

LIZS · 29/01/2005 09:58

Not sure about the hour and half "rule". dd spend much for her first months propped up in a car seat or bouncy chair due to reflux. The only thing about a carrier is that it can be useful when they are little to just lift them out and take them indoors without having to fumble about a lot, especially if you have bags etc. Also it is somewhere to lay them if you need to pop to the loo. Not indispensable though !

The one you have got will be good in terms of value for money, because you can use it longer than a carrier. A couple of my NCT antenatal group had to buy one when their babies were just a couple of months old anyway because they grew too heavy and long to be carried in the baby seat any longer but were not ready to go into a forward facing seat.

starlover · 30/01/2005 15:07

i think you have made the right choice vicstervic!
I wanted one that was suitable from birth to 4 years but unfortunately they wouldn't fit rear-facing in our car so have ended up with a baby carrier.
Luckily the baby won't be in it for too long periods at a time... I always feel sorry for babies I see being carted round the shops in a carrier on a travel system... they've been in the car on the way, then all the way round the shops, then back home again and they look all scrunched up and uncomfortable.
It is important that newborns lie flat as much as poss, so you have probably made the right choice!

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