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charleypops · 26/01/2005 10:52

Just had the results back from my 18 week blood test to find under "other findings" that there are "calcium oxalate crystals++" in my blood!

After looking on the 'net, so far I know they they are the major componant in kidney stones.

Does anyone know if these crystals can indicate if there's anything I need to know about regarding my 20 week pregnancy??

Sorry if this is a babble, I'm a worry wart!


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charleypops · 26/01/2005 10:52

Sorry, I meant urine test, not blood test!

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Uwila · 26/01/2005 11:47

Charley, I see you ar eposting this in mutiple places. I think if it was a big deal, it wouldn't be in the "other section. Also, I expect is means the same thing that it means in non-pregnant people. Call NHS direct. Failing that, call your GP and tell them why you are calling. Maybe your GP can chat with you on the phone. If you can't get a hold of your midwife, perhaps you could get a hold of another midwife (she must work in a team). Call the entenatal unit at the hospital if nothing else.

Failing that, find a private GP who can address your concern today. I know an online one who can be faound at He responds via e-mail to your concerns. But, you do have to sign up and pay for the service.

Really,I don't think it's much to worry about... not urgently anyway. But, if it makes you feel better, you should surely be able to get an answer from at least one of the above suggestions.

Uwila · 26/01/2005 11:48

charleypops · 26/01/2005 12:18

I'm now waiting for NHS direct to call me back...

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charleypops · 26/01/2005 13:07

still waiting so bump

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charleypops · 26/01/2005 14:36

Gosh, Active Conversations are slipping down quickly today...

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Marina · 26/01/2005 14:41

There is another Mumsnetter (SusanMT, I am sure she won't mind my giving her name as she has posted on the matter several times) who has had kidney stones in pregnancy quite severely. I think they were agonising but no threat to the baby. She and her dh are preparing for a trip to Guatemala so she isn't posting much (time for an update Susan if you're out there) but I bet she could put your mind at rest.
Agree with Uwila that if this was serious it would appear higher up on the form. Know from experience how it feels to scrutinise every inch of those result forms though Charleypops, sympathies...

charleypops · 26/01/2005 14:46

Thanks for posting Marina! It's the first anomoly I've so far and I hate not knowing precisely what it going on. Wish they'd put an explaination next to result.....

Poor SusanMT - Kidney stones sound like a nightmare, if they develop I know I can cope as long as I know they won't hurt the baby.

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charleypops · 26/01/2005 17:48

any biological boffins around yet?


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charleypops · 26/01/2005 18:46

NHS Direct still haven't called me. Hopefully this is because it's not a big deal....

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charleypops · 26/01/2005 21:29

last bump just in case..

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