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antibiotics in pregnancy question

15 replies

logic · 15/01/2005 17:48

Does anyone know of a valid reason not to give antibiotics to someone who's pregnant? I am 23 weeks pg and I've had appallingly bad 'flu' for 8 days which has now turned into a nasty throat infection. Both my dh and ds have got it and have been prescribed antibiotics which seem to be effective so that's obviously what I need too but the doctor that I spoke to earlier is refusing to let me have them and won't give a reason.

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Twiglett · 15/01/2005 17:51

I had two courses of penicillin and one course of erythromycin in last pregnancy because of a nasty chest infection (they didn't get rid of it and I ended up with pregnancy-induced asthma but that's another story)

as your past the first trimester there's no reason if they are needed .. maybe your gp doesn't feel they are necessary?

Yorkiegirl · 15/01/2005 17:52

Message withdrawn

logic · 15/01/2005 18:02

So you are allowed to have them...hmmm. Basically, the doctor that I spoke to was rude, arrogant and refused to believe a word that I said. My dh and ds were given amoxycillin and there is no way that I will get better in the near future without it

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logic · 15/01/2005 18:02

Thanks, girls...

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Girly · 15/01/2005 19:46

Logic, you can have antibiotics during pregnancy, the last thing you want is a nasty chest infection, I am still recovering from a chest infection that turned into pnuemonia, had to spend 5 days in hospital. So please see another doctor and get yourself sorted out asap!

Twiglett, if you have a mo can I ask you about your pregnancy induced asthma, I have been diagnosed with the same thing due to the pnemonia, did the asthma go away after you delivered? You can CAT me if you do not want to talk about it on here, I would love to pick your brains about it.

logic · 15/01/2005 20:04

Thanks girly, I really appreciate it. I hope that you feel better soon

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lilsmum · 15/01/2005 20:13

i suffered with loadsa uti's in pregnancy and was constanly on all kinds of antibiotics to try and shift them, every time i went for my midwife appt i was given a different prescription!! i had a very healthy dd who was 8lb 13 oz!! i guess some antibiotics they cant give you.

Twiglett · 16/01/2005 10:34

Hi Girly

Sorry only just seen this

DD 8 months old and I can say that the asthma DID go away ... it wasn't instantaneous though ... I weaned myself off inhalers a couple of times, and once when we went away I started to feel a little breathless and needed to go back on them for 2 weeks .. sometimes I get a little chesty (which I don't recall doing before this pregnancy) but I can categorically say I haven't been asthmatic for about 3 - 4 months now

HTH (feel free to ask away if there's anything I missed)

and really really take the inhalers as they tell you too (I ended up on steroid tablets because I thought I could drop off the becotide whilst pregnant)

you have my sympathy .... its horrible and exhausting isn't it?

janeybops · 16/01/2005 11:06

I had similare when pregnant with dd and the doc did give me a course of antibiotics.

Although he did look up in his book to see if they were safe for me to take

Girly · 16/01/2005 11:46

Thanks Twiglett

I have to take my inhaler twice a day and have just finished a course of steriods. I know when its time to take the inhaler cause my chest starts to tighten up They have given me Flixotide, which is a steriod inhaler and I am not happy about taking it but needs must.I used to be asthmatic as a child and am really hoping its not here to stay.

Did you get chesty or wheezy whilst in labour? I am due for a homebirth, baby due 1.3.05 and am worried that labour will bring on an attack and being as though this is my 3rd child and my last labour was very fast I am getting a bit anxious!

Sorry to highjack your thread logic!

Twiglett · 16/01/2005 16:21

Sorry Girly .. can't help on that .. I had an elective section due to another health issue .. so no knowledge

logic · 16/01/2005 20:31

Don't worry about thread hijacking, girly! If we all get our questions answered, so much the better

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samwifewithkid · 18/01/2005 21:10

I had penecillin for strep B infection at 14 weeks pg, so yes they can! Maybe the DR was unwilling to give them out because he thought u just had a virus, for which they can't help.

jabberwocky · 18/01/2005 21:14

Just wanted to add a note about asthma - mine was not pregnancy induces BTW. I actually didn't have to use my inhaler at all the entire time that I was pregnant but then had an emergency c-section and really needed it after that.

logic · 18/01/2005 21:17

My proper GP prescribed me some antibiotics yesterday and I am starting to feel better now. I did have a flu virus but it turned into a secondary throat infection which the antibiotics seem to be clearing up. It just really annoyed me that the first GP didn't even see me (we talked on the phone) and left me to suffer for 2 more days...

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