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A little worried - any suggestions?

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SamCattie · 29/12/2004 13:29

Probably think I am silly! But just feeling a bit worried thats all. I am 18 weeks pregnant with my first child. Although it's nerve racking being pregnannt, I have been laid up in bed for the past 3 days as I overdid it on Xmas day but also have had a bad cold. I have been really good and not taken anything for it. A couple of weeks ago I first felt the baby move but since I have been ill, I haven't felt anything. Do you think this is normal?

OP posts:
Starofbethlibbhem · 29/12/2004 13:37

I sure it is just all the exertion of Chrimbo, I recall DS was a little quieter towards the end but do call your midwife just to be certain. They won't mind at all - far better to be safe than sorry. Let us know how you got on won't you? lots of love xx

Starofbethlibbhem · 29/12/2004 13:38

Doh, for some batty reason I read it as 38 weeks (told you fatigue can set in!) but even so, might be an idea to contact your midwife. It isn't often that you can feel a great deal at 18 weeks but only you know what feels right xxx

SamCattie · 29/12/2004 13:45

I will call the midwife when I finally get home from work today! I have made an appointment to see the doctor tomorrow morning. Being my first pregnancy I have all sorts going though my head...hormones don't help either!!!! Thanks for the advice xx

OP posts:
Twiglett · 29/12/2004 14:05

try to relax .. it is very unusual to be feeling that early in first pregnancy .. I don't think I felt anything till about 23 weeks (and around 20 weeks in 2nd)

also baby is probably just lying a little further back so the bubbles you did feel are not as obvious

brusselbeansprouts · 29/12/2004 14:32

I agree with Twiglett - 18 weeks is early, esp for a 1st preg. I know how horrible it is spending hours waiting to feel baby move too, so please try to relax and do something to take your mind off it if you can. But, as always, if you are concerned, contact your midwife. Please let us know how you get on. Take care xx

SamCattie · 29/12/2004 15:01

Well I thought 18 weeks was a bit early to feel anything, but it definately wasn't wind and felt like small flutterings. I am just being over paranoid I guess!! If I am like this now I dread to think what I will be like nearer the birth!!

OP posts:
Thecattlearemerloting · 29/12/2004 15:09

Let your midwife set your mind at rest. Agree whole heartedly with what has already been said. But you know what? Your paranoia has only just begun - it doesn't get any better when the baby arrives! .

scubamum · 29/12/2004 15:36

I first felt 'flutterings at around 16wks then it was another 6 days until I felt another one - ie at first only light feelings, not regular and only if I was relaxed and lying down awake.

I did become ill later on with a high temprature and my Dr said it was better to take paracetomol to keep my temp down, than worry about taking them with an uncontrolled temp - so don't feel bad if you have to take something to help your cold and body recover - of course ensuring that it is suitable to take during pregnancy

teabelly · 29/12/2004 22:15

Sam I agree with what others have said, 18 weeks is quite early to be feeling regular movements, esp for 1st. With ds I first felt him move around 20 weeks, then it was a few days until the next movement and so on for quite a while. I didn't get regular movements (everyday) until I was about 29/30 weeks...which is why I guess, if your midwife has asked you to fill in a kick chart, they usually don't start until the 32nd week. I have just started to feel movements with this one (now 18 +4) and I have only felt him/her 3 times in two weeks, I would say this is quite normal.

SamCattie · 30/12/2004 11:27

Well I have been to the doctors! I felt a little silly but my mind has been put at rest now. The doctor listened to the heartbeat, and I felt a huge sigh of relief. It's amazing how much paramoia sets in!!!

OP posts:
paolosgirl · 30/12/2004 12:04

Great to hear everythings OK. The paranoia is completely normal, and will last until you hop off the mortal coil. When the baby's born, you spend you days and nights checking it's still breathing, then worrying about it being bullied when it gets bigger, and then worrying about it being kidnapped because you can't see it out playing...!
Don't feel bad about going to your GP or midwife. Much better that than worrying. Hope the rest of your pregnancy goes well

Twiglett · 30/12/2004 12:16


and I will echo that paranoia is COMPLETELY normal

never feel silly .. if you have any worries at all always consult GP / midwife .. that's what they are there for

Leogaela · 30/12/2004 14:23

SamCattie - I think most of us have been through or are going through similar worries at some point during our pregnancies so don't feel silly. It is better to be sure than worry yourself stupid about it.

I am finding that the further I get through the pregnancy the more relaxed I am about everything and the less I worry about things. Maybe you get just get beyond worry!

SamCattie · 30/12/2004 14:48

Thanks. Its really nice to hear sympathetic people, and you know you're not being silly and other people go through the same. XXX

OP posts:
TwasTheNightBeforeXmasOwl · 31/12/2004 03:54

samcattie, i felt my first move at 17 weeks and the second was slightly later (i think) but paranoia is completely normal...i was terrible throughout my second pg...sometimes i wouldnt feel her move for days..i went to hospital quite a few times about it and she was fine. i had a small but very healthy baby in the end. dont worry at all about being concerned, completely normal.

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