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PPROM Anxiety

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alcal2403 · 13/02/2024 07:14

Hello everyone,
just looking for some comfort for my worries and stress. I have had 2 pregnancies where I have PPROM I’m currently on my second pregnancy. First baby my waters had unknowingly leaked at 36 weeks and I needed to be induced, daughter was born healthy and well and this pregnancy my waters went at 17 weeks! I was prepared and kept at hospital being told to expect miscarriage but by some miracle my body resealed and replenished the waters. I’m very lucky and even the doctors were baffled as I lost a lot of fluid. I have the odd gush/trickle and I get monitored but baby is holding on. I’m 25+2 weeks now. Some days I’m okay but some days the anxiety is eating me alive of not knowing when baby might come. Do any other PPROM ladies have any advice as I’m pretty good at keeping stress at bay but recently seem to be struggling. I take it easy, rest as much as possible, no sex&baths etc but not always easy to be careful when you have a bouncingc excited 18 month old to look after :) haha.

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