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Does this mean I’ve miscarried?

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TupperCare · 13/02/2024 00:19

Going to sound crazy here but 8w3d and all my symptoms disappeared last three days so I did a pregnancy test during the day this morning and the line is so faint it’s barely there, yet at 3 and 4 weeks the line was strong.
I had a private scan at 6w1d which confirmed baby and heartbeat but I’m worrying now.

OP posts:
butterflywingss · 13/02/2024 00:27

I've had both a miscarriage and an ectopic but earlier than you are now. I didn't get the symptoms because I was earlier but my pregnancy test definitely got lighter and that was my confirmation. When I got pregnant for the 4th time, I became anxious and I would test again after I obviously knew I was pregnant and my line would get very dark.

Symptoms I had prior to my losses on both occasions was light spotting confusing for implantation but again different to you.

Given my history I went straight to an early pregnant unit and they checked my bloods to check that my levels were growing with the pregnancy.

However, in both my successful pregnancies I had really bad nausea around 7-8 week mark snd if my symptoms suddenly stopped and my pregnancy liens got lighter I would definitely suggest booking yourself an appointment with a EPU at your local hospital.

I really hope it's not the case for you but wishing you best of luck xxx

JRTfan · 13/02/2024 07:23

There is something called the hook effect, try diluting your urine and doing a test. Symptoms come and go so wouldn't worry too much but the only way to really know is to have a scan, chances are though if you have no bleeding or cramping it's more likely to be ok than not.

excitedmama2be · 13/02/2024 10:23

Pregnancy tests aren’t designed for pregnancy progression so I wouldn’t be relying on them

also symptoms come and go , there was days when I was 8-9 weeks pregnancy and I would forget I was pregnant

Unless you have cramping and bleeding , I would try and relax. You can always go for a private scan if you need that reassurance

TupperCare · 13/02/2024 12:19

Thank you for the replies 💕
No bleeding or cramping but so worried about MMC. There just feels like so much that can go wrong and you just don’t know what’s going on inside! Got my first midwife appointment next week so holding out for that but might get a private scan in before then to calm the anxiety.

OP posts:
JRTfan · 13/02/2024 12:51

I had a private scan at 6 and 8 weeks and it did help to reassure but it's fairly short lived until the worry starts again! It's a really anxious time but it does get easier I'm 21 weeks and although still anxious it's not as crippling as the early weeks. I managed not to cry at my 20 week scan!
Easier said than done but just try and think positive because worrying won't change the outcome it'll only make you not enjoy the experience, I regret being so pessimistic. If it goes wrong it will be awful but it'll be awful whether you worried about it happening or not.

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