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Fundal height dropped off the chart at 36 weeks-what to expect.

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Camcam · 12/02/2024 22:17

Evening all :)
Fundal height measured small at my 26 and 31 week appointments (3rd centile) so was sent to growth scans the following week after both where baby was measuring on 50th centile (head and femur measurements measuring 2 weeks ahead but abdominal measuring behind)
34 week appointment fundal height was measuring at 75 centile so no growth scan.

Just had my 36 week check up today and fundal height is measuring at 31 weeks so has decreased in measurement and fallen well below the 3rd centile on the chart. My bump doesn’t seem to have grown looking at it in the past few weeks. Trying not to worry as I had a small bump with ds who was average size but they have referred me for a growth scan tomorrow.

Has anyone been through similar? If the baby has dropped centiles at the growth scan, is it likely they may bring him out early/now? I have a planned section booked in for 39 weeks.

Any advice or input appreciated :)

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Lougle · 12/02/2024 22:20

I think it depends. As it's your second baby, the baby may have engaged earlier, which would drop your fundal height.

Camcam · 12/02/2024 22:54

@Lougle I was wondering that too! Have felt a lot heavier down below and getting back pain the last few days. Will see what they say tomorrow!

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Ttcmumma · 13/02/2024 08:00

Fundal heights are the most ridiculous thing for me. Everyone I know has never measured correctly. I'm always 2 weeks behind yet baby at scans tends to be a week ahead (so 3 weeks difference in fundal heights and actual baby sizing). My sister is constantly measuring bigger with an average sized baby.
My son was born at 38 weeks and 7lb even tho my bump measured behind continuously. I'm in a group for April babies and almost all the mums are being sent for growth scans due to fundal heights. I wouldn't stress about fundal heights at all, just go by the scans of whether baby is growing x

CheeryBiscuit · 13/02/2024 08:32

If your first 2 fundal heights were below the 3rd centile, then the 3rd one was 75th centile that's quite a jump (was it a different midwife?) Now this most recent fundal height sounds like maybe it's dropped down to back in line with your first 2 measurements?
The fundal heights should be looked at separately from the scan plots as they are tracking the growth of the uterus, not the baby. So even though your baby measures great on scan which is the important thing, I would expect the 3rd fundal height to show normal growth of the uterus by plotting down below the 10th/3rd centile on the graph to follow on from the first 2 plots (hope that makes sense!)
Hopefully the scan will be fine and reassure you but try not to worry as fundal heights can go all over the place especially if it's not the same midwife measuring each time. Plus just measuring at a different time of day can easily add or take away some height!

Camcam · 14/02/2024 08:41

Thanks all for your input :) I had the growth scan yesterday. The growth had fell from just under 50th to inbetween the 10th-25th but they didn’t seem concerned and said I didn’t need any more scans unless midwife referred me (said she probably will of bump still measuring small at 38w appointment.
Thanks again!

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