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Stomach area above button sticking out more than bump?

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NightSkyWanderer · 12/02/2024 22:12

Weird question. Past few days my whole stomach area has balloned. I've had friends mention that I'd "popped"
Anyway I've noticed my lower bump ( below button) seems smaller today yet my actual stomach area (above button) is strangely sticking out way more than my bump
Is that normal? I'm 17 weeks. 18 weeks on Wednesday. I feel like my belly looks off top half is way bigger than bottom
Is that a normal that the actual area where stomach organ is to suddenly get enlarged ? Thanks

OP posts:
AimeeLou84 · 12/02/2024 22:35

Omg you’re exactly the same as me - I’m 18 weeks on Wednesday and my belly is exactly as you’ve described above 🤣

NightSkyWanderer · 12/02/2024 22:56

@AimeeLou84 ah that's good to know. I thought it seemed kinda weird as I've never noticed anyones bump like that before. Baby's definitely not that high up so maybe it's just bloat or something. I feel like it looks so weird though 😆

OP posts:
AimeeLou84 · 13/02/2024 08:53

@NightSkyWanderer Yeah my baby is at the bottom but I have been looking online and it’s quite normal. It looks like I’ve enjoyed a good takeaway 🤣

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