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Guidance around not getting too hot - panicking!

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TupperCare · 12/02/2024 19:49

I'm having a little panic as can’t find any guidance - I’ve been working from home today and have had an electric throw wrapped round my waist for most of the day, up quite high to keep me warm, and now I’m panicking that the baby has got too hot and I can’t find any guidance on electric throws, only electric blankets which are allowed but not too high from what I’ve read.

Does anyone know if there’s any guidance?

I’m 8w3d.

OP posts:
livinginthedark · 12/02/2024 19:55

I'm sure you'll be fine OP. If it were too hot, you would have felt uncomfortably hot and removed the blanket.

I took plenty of long hot baths while I was pregnant and know many women do and there's not an issue with that. Again if it were too hot it would be uncomfortable and people would get out.

Women all over the world get pregnant. Some of those countries are 35C + on a regular basis.

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