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High bp

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megggggg · 12/02/2024 17:14

High blood pressure at midwife but ok on home monitor?! I'm stressing how can it go soooo dangerously high at midwife and be ok on my home monitor what I ordered online?

OP posts:
BrightLightTonight · 12/02/2024 18:50

A lot of people stress when with medical professionals, which sends BP soaring. Monitor it yourself twice a day, morning and evening. Take 2 measurements at both sessions an log the second measurement. Monitor it for a week and report your readings to your midwife

May5th · 12/02/2024 22:08

I’m 22+1 now and have been told my blood pressure is too high. I’ve never had high blood pressure and this is my second baby. At first the blood pressure was slightly raised at first measuring at midwife appointments but always with second try it was normal and she never mentioned. I then had a consultant appointment (I get consultant appointments due to previous miscarriages) and on my first appointment again the blood pressure was high so I was told to monitor at home. I recorded mainly normal readings at home but then again on next consultant appointment they recorded two high readings and calculated the average which was raised so now I’ve been prescribed a low dose of blood pressure medication. I continue to monitor at home and if I measure morning and evening the readings are normal, if I take during the day or after some work calls it’s sometimes slightly raised but not very high (I was told to aim below 135/80 always and if I was to get 150/100 then to call triage). I’m not quite convinced that I have high blood pressure and I’m hoping that I don’t have to continue with the medication but not sure, for now I’m just following what the consultant told me and keeping a record so they would review during my next appointment.

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