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Gloss paint 6 weeks pregnant??

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firstpregnancy24 · 12/02/2024 15:32

Hi all,

I'd love some advice. We had our hall painted at the weekend - I had chosen a low-VOC emulsion for the walls deliberately as I thought it would be safer for pregnancy, but the decorator used normal gloss/satin paint for the skirting board and door trims (of which there are many in the hall... we live in a flat and all the doors are off the hall so all of them have been surrounded in the gloss paint!).

The smell of gloss paint is so strong and even though we had all the windows open last night (bloody freezing) I could still smell it while in bed. I could barely sleep worrying about the effect for this tiny little baby that is only developing at the min! Of course googling it has just made things worse - I now know that gloss and satin paints are solvent-based and even the nhs website seems to suggest avoiding them, particularly during the first trimester.

Anyway, I've gone into full blown panic mode now. Have done some mad stuff I've seen online like put chopped onions (I know) and baking soda in the hall but who knows if that's making any difference.

Any thoughts?? Should I be dramatic and move into a Travelodge for a week?!

Would love any advice from anyone who's maybe done something similar in early pregnancy! Thanks Daffodil

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Rosesanddaisies1 · 12/02/2024 15:42

It's fine, and stop Googling. It's not like you ate the paint.

AimeeLou84 · 12/02/2024 16:58

Hey @firstpregnancy24. Have you been allocated a midwife yet that you can call or text just to ask her opinion? If not maybe contact your doctors and ask for some advice. I’m nearly 18 weeks with my first pregnancy and the panic and fear and worry about anything is still very much alive in me so I know how you feel on that front.

firstpregnancy24 · 12/02/2024 17:40

@AimeeLou84 thank you, I haven't been allocated a midwife yet but I'll try to get in touch with my GP and get some advice. Just wondering if I should try to get out of the flat for a few nights while this paint continues to dry! Paranoid reading the NHS advice about how the riskiest timeframe would be in first 12 weeks of pregnancy as that's when the baby's organs are forming. I've just no idea how much I'm "protected" by the fact I didn't actually do the painting myself... but I can certainly smell it and if I can smell it, presumably I'm inhaling the solvents it contains. Thanks again, it's nice to hear from a fellow worrier!!

OP posts:
firstpregnancy24 · 12/02/2024 17:41

Thanks @Rosesanddaisies1 - hopefully the relatively limited exposure (definitely didn't eat any :) and also didn't do the painting myself) is going to help me here...

OP posts:
Warringstars · 12/02/2024 17:56

oh I would worry too but I’m sure it will be fine. You didn’t paint it, you had the place well ventilated etc. also are you sure the paint used was definitely solvent based? Delux quick dry gloss and satin are both water based.

firstpregnancy24 · 12/02/2024 18:10

Hi @Warringstars - definitely solvent based unfortunately, it was an oil-based satin paint that was used.

OP posts:
firstpregnancy24 · 12/02/2024 20:09

Just bumping in this in case anyone else has experience with this in early pregnancy and everything turning out fine... would love to hear from you.

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