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Cheaper Ultrasound clinics SE London/Kent

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bby2024 · 12/02/2024 12:40

I have seen that most places charge between 70-100 pounds for an ultrasound scan.

Looking to get an early pregnancy scan done but wanted to know if there any cheaper clinics that I could go to as cannot afford it at the moment.

OP posts:
Sa11yCinnamon · 12/02/2024 12:57

Might be worth having a look on Groupon for your area, I've seen a few deals on there.

PodgyOwl · 12/02/2024 21:17

Hi, Ultraworld Scanning Services in Erith are reasonably priced. I visited about 4 times during my pregnancy! The lady who runs it is lovely and they are open in the evenings which was handy for me as I could go after work.

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