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Morning sickness

18 replies

elsie888 · 12/02/2024 10:59


Any tips on morning sickness that last all day and night...

I will be sick in the mornings then feel sick all day it's literally ruining my mood I feel low and my house is a mess as I just can't move I have other children and feel guilty on them coz I'm always hanging over the toilet or upset all day!!

I keep waking up with massive headaches to. I'm only 9 weeks

Thanks x

OP posts:
Thefaceofboe · 12/02/2024 11:46

Have you contracted your GP for some anti sickness medication?

elsie888 · 12/02/2024 12:40

Not yet I wanted to see if anything other then meds would help. I can't even swallow a tablet without being sick xx

OP posts:
OceanSoul96 · 12/02/2024 13:16

I'm experiencing this too. Tablets are out of the question as I can't take them anyway. It's really wiped me out and I feel a failure!

Really feeling for you going through this with children as well.

Just about managing a vegan sausage roll

Thefaceofboe · 12/02/2024 18:28

I crush them up as I’m the same. Get some and give them a try, they work wonders. No point suffering if you don’t need to

ejndwejnfk · 13/02/2024 01:23

I was given anti sickness tablets taken every 6 hours or something at the start of my pregnancy I wasn't sick much but the constant overwhelming nausea was absolutely horrific
eat whatever you can I could only eat McDonalds fries that it, I brought lemonade as well I sipped it
I Brough mints and some very plain food the tablets helped a bit but after 20 weeks my sickness has basically gone now I took the tablets from like 8 weeks I think
im only sick when im anxious when I have a mw or scan app!
you'll feel better soon im sure but if you cant coupe dont suffer go to the doctor!

Lizzieregina · 13/02/2024 03:01

I’m sorry you’re suffering!

The headaches are probably because you’re dehydrated. If you can manage to drink anything it will help (but I know you might not be able to keep it down). Try 7UP or some kind of lemonade drink, or Coca Cola, there’s something in it that helps with nausea.

And then get the meds if you can.

DifficultBloodyWoman · 13/02/2024 03:12

Eat what you can and when you can.

I needed carbs and a very calm and slow wake up. Rushing in the morning was…not good.

I did take medication for it eventually, and briefly, as my morning sickness only stopped at 7 months.

I hate crisps and rarely biscuits but I kept a stash next to my bed and in the car.

I learned to recognise that I had a very small window of just a few minutes in which to eat and avoid nausea. Some days it was just constant grazing.

(It’s worth it in the end though).

caringcarer · 13/02/2024 03:35

I found eating a ginger biscuits and sips of tea helped me before I got up.

twitchybum · 13/02/2024 04:05

I was prescribed anti sickness tablets and they were mini pills so easy to swallow and they dissolved super fast. Best thing I did as I couldn't function at all before that! Don't worry about the housework for now you can't do it all while feeling so awful x

justanothermanicmonday1 · 13/02/2024 04:17

twitchybum · 13/02/2024 04:05

I was prescribed anti sickness tablets and they were mini pills so easy to swallow and they dissolved super fast. Best thing I did as I couldn't function at all before that! Don't worry about the housework for now you can't do it all while feeling so awful x

I agree with this.

Anti sickness tablets from the GP worked for me.

I also bought the sea sickness bands from Amazon to help take the edge off. Constantly sipped on water & 7up.

Anything ginger. Always have a biscuit on you as well! Really helps x

Chocolate45 · 13/02/2024 06:32

I had cyclizine prescribed with my first pregnancy and it was a life saver. It didn’t cure me but allowed me to function and not be in bed all day like the previous 4 weeks. This time I’ll be mentioning it and having it on standby from my booking appointment. It really is horrible so I totally understand how you feel.

Ems1992 · 13/02/2024 07:04

Hi, prescriber here… Don’t chew medication that isn’t designed to be chewed, it can stop the medication working, it can cause too much to go into your blood stream at once, change the biochemical markers in the drug… unless it’s a chewable tablet, don’t do it…

As for your sickness, you don’t have to suffer like this, speak to your gp. I am currently miserable and sick too.. ☹️ hope you feel better soon!

Nottodaty · 13/02/2024 07:06

After resisting medication with my first I eventually caved - it meant I could at least function and reduced being admitted to ward for drips. Second time around as soon as the nausea arrived went to the GP for prescription!

Pregnancy sickness is awful and it’s frustrating after trying everything ginger, eating small bits, travel sickness bands I tried everything - medication worked.

badwolf82 · 13/02/2024 07:51

Can you suck on a hard sweet or a teaspoon of honey to get some sugar? I found the nausea to be much much worse when I had low blood sugar. Eating a few sweets would normalise that to the point I could then eat something more complicated like an apple or a yoghurt.

elsie888 · 13/02/2024 09:53

Thanks for all the reply's and I'm going to definitely try ginger biscuits and everything else everyone has recommended. I'll also call gp today at some point and ask for the mini pills.. my mood is better today just have terrible mum guilt for the other children lol x

OP posts:
Kiwi23 · 18/02/2024 16:38

Hi has anyone been on catralapram while pregnant the auntie anixerty meds

iv been on them for around 4 years and am pregnant with my 4th baby fist time pregnant while on them.
i have been so poorly can’t do anything so tired eating is a task some days and it seems to easy up them come back with a big bang I’m 9 weeks and have never been like this before. I have nausea all day long

Mae2020 · 18/02/2024 18:35

If you struggle with swallow tablets you could maybe ask gp for hyoscine patches, they go behind your ear and work for 72hrs a time. I haven't used them but I know someone who had and she swore by them

Kiwi23 · 18/02/2024 19:21

Are they for anixerty ?

some days I can get them down but not sure if there making me feel worse

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