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Could labour be near?

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PeeBeee · 11/02/2024 19:39

I am 37+5 today. This is my 2nd baby but I have never went into labour naturally before. Today my toddler has been a bit difficult and anytime she has cried or I haven’t been able to comfort her and make her stop, I have got cramps, like the stress is starting something off.

just over an hour ago, i changed her nappy and she started crying and thrashing about (sore bum) and ever since then ive had constant cramping low down, heaviness feeling and lower back ache. I also feel like I might be coming down with the flu. A few days ago I had diarrhoea 5 times within a few hours but apart from that, no waters or no mucus plug.

Could this be the start of something? Don’t know whether I should call eou to see what they say or just wait it out.

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Mismatc · 11/02/2024 20:01

Hello! I’m 37+5 too and I think we’re on the same February thread. I’ve had intermittent period/ back pains over the last few days. They still feel very mild but I’ve had more today than any other day. No plug, no waters. I think my body is preparing and ripening for labour and don’t personally feel the need to call yet. It could start tonight or in three weeks, there’s no way of knowing. However, it does sound like you’re starting to get ready at least. I’ve been finding it quite comforting to know my body is preparing for labour but I don’t know when it will progress yet.

Not sure whether that helps or not! This is my third but I’ve never gone into spontaneous labour before so I’ve been enjoying feeling my body get there itself.

PeeBeee · 11/02/2024 20:07

@Mismatc I would love it to be the start of something! I have an elcs booked for 9 days time and my idea scenario would be a vbac if I go into labour myself before that. Im just going to try relax to see if it eases but text my mum just to make sure her phone is on loud overnight JUST incase I need to call her to come sit with my little one lol

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Mismatc · 11/02/2024 20:10

I will be a VBAC too! I have had a previous vaginal birth as well though. I’m home alone tonight with my two so have given my DH a similar warning for his night shift. I don’t have a section booked though so not quite the same deadline. I hope we both get our VBAC 😊

PeeBeee · 11/02/2024 20:11

@Mismatc good luck! And thanks for the reassurance, I feel so much better and relaxed!

OP posts:
Mismatc · 11/02/2024 20:13

My baby felt so low today and I had regular tightenings all day (very mild) they seem to be going off now I’m sitting down. I’m hoping it will be soonish 😊

PeeBeee · 12/02/2024 11:55

@Mismatc i am just out of eou for reduced movements. I lay awake from 2-5am last night and couldnt get her to move so rang this morning. Ctg showed all is good with baby but also showed I was getting tightenings so I feel reassured I wasn’t mistaking it for something else last night! Haha fingers crossed body is preparing!🤞🏼

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Mismatc · 13/02/2024 04:49

My waters went yesterday morning but no labour, I’ll go in at 9 to see what the plan may be!

PeeBeee · 13/02/2024 06:58

@Mismatc how exciting! Good luck!

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Mismatc · 17/02/2024 13:00

My waters went at 37+6 on Monday, I was induced on Tuesday using dilapan rods as I am a VBAC and I hadn’t gone into labour. Had her later that day in the water with no medical intervention beyond the mechanical induction by the rods. I was so lucky — physiological third stage, minimal blood loss and no stiches. She has been feeding continuously ever since and I’m in love. I hope it’s all going well for you 😊

PeeBeee · 17/02/2024 13:16

@Mismatc congratulations, that’s amazing♥️ I am still very much pregnant lol ELCS on Tuesday so enjoying our last weekend as a family of 3🥹🥰

OP posts:
Mismatc · 17/02/2024 15:22

Nice to know you have an end point though. I hope you have a lovely final weekend and wishing you an amazing experience having your little one on Tuesday

PeeBeee · 17/02/2024 17:35

@Mismatc thank you! I went for a nap a few hours ago and ever since I got up I feel really off. Hope I am not going to get sick before Tuesday😭

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