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Bump quite small

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Gem1355 · 21/12/2004 14:45

Hi i'm 25+2 weeks pregnant and people keep commenting on how small my bump is considering i'm 6 months pregnant, as some one i work with has just turned 27 weeks and is huge. it's starting to worry me, i'm a healthy eater and have plenty of exercise.
Am i being paranoid?

OP posts:
SnowmAngeliz · 21/12/2004 14:47

I was tiny with dd, (not with this one though), and she was totally average size and weight. (Born 7lb2).
People comment about everything when you're pregnant, just smile and nod

Minstrel · 21/12/2004 14:48

Ignore Them!! Twice I had small bumps and despite scans etc was told both times by health professionals my babies would be "average". DD was born at 38 weeks weighing 8lbs and ds at 39 weeks weighing 9lbs 6oz. HTH

otto · 21/12/2004 14:51

I had a small bump too and it really annoyed me because everybody kept on about how small I was. My midwife even sent me for an extra scan because she said I was small, but the scan showed everything was fine.

Ds was 6lb 11oz when he was born last March and was fine. I was glad I had a small bump as it meant I could carry on life as normal. I didn't even need to buy any maternity tops as I could fit into normal clothes. As long as your midwife is satisfied that you baby is growing then you can ignore everybody and make the most of it.

Minstrel · 21/12/2004 14:54

Agree with Otto about the clothes etc. My friend who is tiny, gave birth on the Monday and was able to collect her other kids from school on the Tuesday, she looked fantastic and didn't even have any signs of "baby bump" and managed to get into pre pregnancy jeans!!

pabla · 21/12/2004 14:56

What sort of height/build are you? I am 5'7" and was sent for an extra scan with my second baby because midwife was worried about size - but he was 8lb 2oz when born. I also had a small bump with my third but the midwife I had then was more experienced and was not worried - she said it is common for women who are on the tall side to have a fairly small bump - there is more room inside, IFSWIM

bundleofyulelogs · 21/12/2004 14:56

dd2 was allegedly small for dates, so had extra scan. my bump was neither massive nor tiny. she was 8lb 9.5oz...!

Gem1355 · 21/12/2004 15:05

I'm 5'7 and weighed 8 1/2 stone before i fell pregnant, baby is moving around alot today. i've had to go out and buy some maternity work trousers as all my others were 2 small. but nothing else other than that.

OP posts:
pabla · 21/12/2004 15:08

I think your midwife would have mentioned it by now if she was concerned.

aloha · 21/12/2004 15:23

Someone will always think it's OK to make personal remarks about your body when you are pregnant. It's simply very rude of them so feel free to completely blank them. You don't comment on the size of their arse or their bald patch, do you?

Minstrel · 21/12/2004 15:32

Then there's the ones who think its their god given right to "feel" the bump.....

Dreams · 21/12/2004 15:42

I only had a small bump and everone used to mention how small i was and at about 30 weeks my belly was measuring smaller so i had to have another scan and they said everything was fine. I had a massive spurt in the last 4 weeks of pregnancy and then became really big. My ds was born 10 days late and weighed 7lb 14oz. I would not worry i you were small your midwife would have said something and advised what to do!

bundleofyulelogs · 21/12/2004 15:44

if people say "oh isn't your bump small?" just say No.

Dreams · 21/12/2004 15:46

i did not really mind people commenting on my size when pregnant its a natural thing and you are gonna grow in size. it could be huge or just a little bit. People just get excited about pregnancy and feel they have to say something as its a very special time for some women! Not to keen on people touching unless i know them or feel comfortable with them touching it!

NotQuiteCockney · 21/12/2004 15:57

People always feel they have to say something, don't they? I showed big with both my pregnancies, but know a few people who showed quite small, but still produce reasonable-sized babies. Taller women, and (I think) bustier women seem to show less, and all the women I know who show less are in one or both of these categories.

Dreams · 21/12/2004 16:14

that could be true (notquietcockney) i am 5ft 8 1/2 and i do have a fair size bust ! never heard that beofre but will watch out for it now!

NotQuiteCockney · 21/12/2004 16:21

I think a larger bust can make the bump look smaller, by comparison, effectively. I'm large-framed (and fat), but not busty, which is why my bump always looked so big, I think.

The only short woman I know who didn't show much was busty, anyway.

xmashampermunker · 21/12/2004 16:36

I'm shortish (5'4") and large-busted (34G post-preg, 34E while preg) and my bump was huge. I have no waist though - there was nowhere for the baby to go but out! Even fully-engaged, his bottom was right up under my ribs...heartburn galore! DS was 8lb 10oz.

But SIL who is an inch or so taller than me (and flat-chested) had a much smaller bump and a 9lb baby - but her son is very long and skinny whereas my DS is more sturdy.

aloha · 21/12/2004 16:37

I HATE people commenting on my body full stop. I think it's incredibly rude. I think 'you look lovely' is quite personal enough.

Dreams · 21/12/2004 17:02

just to change the convo for a min xmashamper do you hate/love having big boobs. I ask this cause i absolutly hate mine and they r a 34DD but i really wish i could have them reduced!!

Yorkiegirl · 21/12/2004 17:07

Message withdrawn

Pidge · 21/12/2004 17:08

People are notoriously bad judgers of bump size in my experience. At the same party this weekend I had one woman say "You must be due pretty much now" and another one say "Ooh aren't you tiny for 6 months".

I do my best to ignore - but it is hard. Nothing you can do to stop the comments coming in my experience.

anniemac · 21/12/2004 17:29

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

fruitful · 21/12/2004 17:43

If you're smaller than avg, they comment, If you're bigger than avg, they comment. If you're looking average, they say its too high or too low.

I was tiny with dd and am tiny again this time - just enjoy it! I love it when people I see regularly come up and say "congratulations, I didn't know you were pregnant" and I get to say "yes, six months".

Your size on the outside seems to have very little to do with the size of the baby. And even if you do have a small baby, thats lovely too. DD is a tiddler. But everyone always thinks she is soooo clever - "omg your 6mo is walking!" - "er, actually she is 12mo". And so much easier to carry around too. And their clothes fit them longer.

I guess you have a couple of options when people say your belly is small. a) Bundle's suggestion is great - "er, no!". b) "oh yes, its because I'm so fit and have such strong stomach muscles". c) "gosh yes, its smaller than your belly isn't it?"

feastofstevenmom · 21/12/2004 17:45

like pidge says, people have absolutely no idea at estimating bump size, and will come out with contradictory comments. as long the MW is happy with the size of your bump, ignore the general public, who after all have no medical training on this.

anniemac · 21/12/2004 18:00

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

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