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Why does my bump 'measure' 2 weeks more pg than I am?

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Paula1 · 22/11/2002 21:12

I am 34.5 weeks pregnant and at my last two ante-natal visits I have measured 2 weeks more than I should. Stupidly, I didn't think to ask why this might be - does anyone know?

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threeangels · 22/11/2002 21:52

Maybe you just have a lot of fluid in there. Thats what happened when I had my 1st. They were measuring by feeling my stomach about 2 pounds more but my ds was born 2 pounds less then doc expected. They said I had quite a lot of fluids.

mears · 22/11/2002 22:01

Where I work we do not measure bumps because of the level of inaccuracy. Don't worry about it.

Ghosty · 23/11/2002 00:10

Paula ... you might have a big baby ... both my sister and I had bumps that were slightly bigger than they should be by weeks and we had a 10+ pounder each ...

Paula1 · 24/11/2002 14:10

Ohh my god ghosty! I'm only 5 feet 2, I'll look like Liz Hurley carrying her great big baby!! (I wish I did look like Liz Hurley tho!)

OP posts:
leese · 24/11/2002 18:35

We measure bumps in my area Paula1, but to be honest Mears is right, and there is a lot of innacuracy - all depends on who is measuring, who hold the tape measure where, the way the baby is lying, how much fluid/fat you're carrying alongside your baby etc, etc. Very likely that when you are measured you will not measure the same no of cm as your weeks of pregnancy. If the midwife is concerned you may be carrying a large baby, she will refer you for a scan - don't usually even begin to think about this until the measurement is 3+cm more or less.

Marina · 24/11/2002 20:49

I was referred for a "big bump" scan at 34 weeks and asked the hospital midwife why (by this time I was scared and imagining the worst). Scan revealed a large quantity of maternal lard () and a transverse baby with his bottom sticking straight out of the middle of my tummy. They are checking for lots of fluid which CAN very rarely be an indicator of problems. However I was left with the distinct impression by my kindly hospital expert that this was a needless referral because of the inaccuracies referred to by Leese and Mears. And we all already knew he was transverse and I was a right ultrasound required for that.
Sure all will be well, Paula.

Lollypop · 24/11/2002 23:54

At 28 weeks I was told my bump was showed that the baby was growing 'VERY WELL', 2 weeks later it was too small when measured by another mid wife. 34 weeks and it was fine! Needless to say I wasn't impressed. It seems to be about the same as last time to me DD was 8.6 so I think we should be OK.
Also do other midwife ante natal clinics still run the system of 5 women per appointment time when there are only 2 mid-wives on? I recently had to wait over an hour to be seen, I do have other things to do.
P.S. I do like my midwives!

Lois · 25/11/2002 11:36

Hi Paula1 I'm only 5'2" too and also measured big for dates. At 38 weeks I was measuring 41cm at which my midwife said 'You can't be that' and made up a number for my notes! Personally I think it's beacause we have short torsos and the baby has to go somewhere! Ds weighed in at 8lb3oz - so not too big.

Paula1 · 25/11/2002 20:10

OK, I'll stop worrying, I think you're right, the baby does have to go somewhere, just wish it hadn't squashed my stomach quite so much!! Still, maybe that will stop me eating another Chocolate Orange in one go!!!

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