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Can't stop worrying!

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ALBW · 16/08/2023 19:56

I'm 17 weeks pregnant and so far everything is going well!

However, I recently learnt about PPROM (premature rupture of the membrane) and I don't know why but I am terrified about it!

I have noticed increased discharge which is normal in pregnancy but I'm so nervous something is wrong! Apparently it would be a gush or trickle of fluid. How do you know if it's a trickle? If it's clear that's the same as discharge?

Apologies for any stupid questions! I have bipolar and severe anxiety but this is so bad! I'm terrified. I know I shouldn't worry but has anyone felt the same? Does anyone know more about it and how to distinguish it from normal increased discharge in pregnancy?

Thanks Smile

OP posts:
MrsJ6921 · 16/08/2023 20:01

It would be enough to fill a pad.

ALBW · 16/08/2023 20:02

MrsJ6921 · 16/08/2023 20:01

It would be enough to fill a pad.

How would you be able to tel though as surely it would be clear?

OP posts:
PickledScrump · 16/08/2023 20:04

It tends to be continuous, even if it’s a trickle, it tends to keep coming. It’s usually clear and can smell slightly sweet. Increased discharge is very normal in pregnancy as is small urine leaks when baby gets bigger. If you are worried it’s water though you can go and get checked and the midwives can take a little swab that will show if waters have gone

PickledScrump · 16/08/2023 20:05

@MrsJ6921 not necessarily true, it can be very small amounts

RedRobyn2021 · 16/08/2023 20:16

I used to have trickles of wee when I was around 20 weeks onwards from the weight of the baby

I thought there was something wrong with me, but it went away as soon as she was born

Just a forewarning that this could happen, wouldn't want you to mistake it

alcal2403 · 13/02/2024 07:08

Hello hun,

I suffer from PPROM, my first baby my waters leaked at 36 weeks to the point I had to be induced. This pregnancy my waters went at 17 weeks but by some miracle the resealed and replenish. I have since had gushes where the leak reappears but I’m 25+2 weeks and they’re holding on. PPROM is scary but luckily it is fairly rare the one thing they say is DO NOT GET STRESSED and honestly this is the best way to avoid anything like this. Just got to keep the positive mental attitude and I promise it will not happen to you. Hope your pregnancy has gone well xx

Kosenrufugirl · 13/02/2024 07:19

Hi there I am a midwife. Where did you learn about PPROM? Are you Googling everything up? I am asking because it's very rare. However the more women Google the more scary stories they will find and it's difficult to put things in context without specialist knowledge. I think you should push for a referral to Perinatal Mental Health team. I would hate for you to spend the rest of your pregnancy on edge rather than riding out normal ups and pregnancy discomforts and bonding with your child. Are you equally scared of labour? If you are then Positive Birth Book (from Amazon) might help. Your next scheduled appointment is some weeks away. I suggest you email the community midwives team, explain your severe anxiety and bipolar and ask for Perinatal Mental Health referral. I hope it helps

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