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Mountain Buggy Duet

19 replies

BabyBabyBaby123 · 13/06/2023 01:50

Thinking of getting this for my DD and new baby due November.
DD will be 22 months.
Just wondering what you think of it?!

OP posts:
libraryquery · 13/06/2023 03:45

Bloody brilliant. Easy to push, fits through doorways / on buses easily. Only negative is that the seats are a little bit narrower than normal wider doubles, so if your toddler is on the bigger side for their age, it might be an issue.
There's a 21 month age gap between my kids and DC1 was average size. No issues here, even with puffy winter coats. We used it for over a year as I walked miles each day so still took it for DC1 to hop in if they got tired (it was easier to push than our single).

BabyBabyBaby123 · 13/06/2023 08:26

@libraryquery thank you, DD is on the chunkier side, but is quite short, I am hoping to get as long out of it as possible. I tried her in it in the shop and she looked quite comfortable in it, but I didn’t even think of winter coats, she had a little summer dress on!

My requirements are a buggy that she can step herself into, so that rules out the Bugaboo donkey cos the seat unit is so high up from the floor.

I looked at the Out n About, but wasn’t a fan of the 3 wheels … I mean it was ok, I just think the Mountain Buggy looks a bit nicer, but the Out n About definitely had sideways seat room.

I sat her in the baby jogger double and she could hardly even fit in that now so that was an instant no.

I’m struggling with this pram decision much more than picking her single which we are still using at 17 months.

OP posts:
libraryquery · 13/06/2023 19:39

The Out and About is also a nice pushchair but wider than the MB Duet so slightly more problematic in narrow shop aisles etc. It is also a bit trickier to push one handed when loaded on one side only (i.e when the baby is sat in but the toddler wants to walk and you need to keep hold of their hand). I think that's the issue with 3 wheels rather than 4.

The Duet was always a dream to push one handed or not, one child or two. We continued to use it until the children were 2 & 4 on occasions (long days in the city). The seats aren't silly narrow but they are a bit smaller than other doubles. That said, most 1.5-2 year olds tend to start growing upwards rather than outwards as they slim down a bit as they get more and more active.

Mamette · 13/06/2023 19:43

I had one for 18mo toddler and newborn.

I found the bassinet rubbish and DS2 grew out of it by 10 weeks. He was an enormous baby but still. Then I had to put him forward facing lying flat.

I only used it for 6 months total. The seats are narrow and by 2 DS1 was getting too big for it so I just got a single buggy and let my 2yo walk.

I wouldn't get it again. I would get the out and about or maybe the city mini (if that’s what it’s called- I ended up with the single of that- amazing).

BabyBabyBaby123 · 13/06/2023 20:00

@Mamette I found the seats of the City Mini really narrow in the double version, DD didn’t look comfortable now, so I wouldn’t expect it to last very long after new baby is born in November.

I definitely want a double, I can’t be coping with a walking 2YO, you must have the patience of a saint!

I do think it’s between MB Duet and Out & About, I’m just so torn!

OP posts:
Mamette · 13/06/2023 20:17

I know! Poor DS1!

I didn’t choose the Out and about because I didn’t like the 3 wheels, but a friend had one at the same time that I had the MB and it seemed pretty practical.

Fairgroundride · 13/06/2023 20:30

I had a second hand mb duet & really liked it, altho as pp the bassinet was on the small side, altho i think I made it last til 4 months at least. I recall squishing her in in a snow suit so she must have been 4-5 months.
it steered well & could steer one hand, and being narrower helped on narrower pavements

thesurreymum · 13/06/2023 20:42

Absolutely loved it! Still get emotional if I see someone with one and my kids are 5&6. I covered some serious miles with it and did plenty of off-roading with it Grin never had a problem with the seats and my boys were big. It fit everywhere! Go for it I don't think you will be disappointed

Eileen101 · 13/06/2023 21:07

Mountain buggy duet is amazing!! We had a similar age gap and it was our lifesaver especially as we do a lot of walking - both around our city and national trust type places.
Kids are now 3 and 5 - we still use it for days out for the 3 year old because the wheels are way better than our bugaboo city pushchair!
I loved the massive basket too, so handy for picking stuff up in Tesco with the kids in tow :)

MuMmaOf3littles · 13/06/2023 21:07

I've tried quite a few double prams and I wish I'd gone for the duet to begin with. I'm currently using it on my 2yr old boy and almost 4yr old girl (due to autism). My 4yr old is a tall, solid girl and still fits perfectly fine. Can't fault the pram at all, like others said it fits through standard doorways, on buses, shops without any issues at all. I'm due a baby now in July and will be changing back to the bassinet and using it for the newborn too. Fab pram.

Caspianberg · 13/06/2023 21:08

The mountain buggy carrycots now btw are carrycot plus, meaning the carrycot converts to parent facing seat using same frame but different fabric with harness. We have the single mountain buggy swift, and Ds was in the carrycot around 4 months, but then stayed in the converted parent facing part until around 1 year. He still fits in the main pram now at 3 years

Lavender2021 · 13/06/2023 21:13

The out and about double hasn't got much of a basket. The mountain buggy has more basket underneath.

sherbertyellowteddy · 13/06/2023 22:06

Loved it for mine. I've used the carrycot plus and then the forward facing seat, aswel as using it as a single with the joey basket. Got emotional when I had to give it away.
Fits a buggy board on the back aswel. Fits through doors,can get on the bus, can push one handed.
Perfect double buggy

WingingIt72 · 10/08/2023 15:01

Just purchased the Mountain buggy duet. I've put it mostly together except for some black webbing that is attached to the calf rest. It's got dongles attached so clearly goes somewhere. Please help!

Mountain Buggy Duet
Lavender2021 · 10/08/2023 15:08

Some countries required it for babies not sure why if they are strapped in correctly.

Mountain Buggy Duet
WingingIt72 · 10/08/2023 15:54

You are my hero today. THANK YOU 😊

smartiesnskittles · 10/08/2023 19:42

Baby jogger city mini GT double is great. My large 4 year old can comfortably fit in. Only down side is the seats aren't reversible.

BabyBabyBaby123 · 10/08/2023 20:21

I preordered the MB Duet, but my order has been pushed back from July to September, so I’m just hoping it’s here in time for my November baby! 🤞🏻

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