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does active bumps equal active babies?

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Sam29 · 19/11/2002 20:27

Am 25 weeks gone on first pregnancy and seem to have a very active bump. is particularly active first things in the morning, at teatime and when i am hungry. Does this mean when it joins me in the outside world it will have similar patterns of activity and quietness? There is rarely any movement in the afternoons.........

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robinw · 19/11/2002 21:58

message withdrawn

Hilary · 19/11/2002 23:10

An emphatic yes to this question in my experience. No more to add really, two non-stop bumps = two non-stop boys!

SnoobyKat · 20/11/2002 05:58

Ooooo yes. bump (Bruce Lee eat your heart out!) now totally adorable** ACTIVE 13.5 month old DS. Don't worry the one advantage is that by this age they're so tired after morning activities that they nap 3 hours and after late afternoon/evening activities they're flat out from 8pm until 6:30am that is :-(

** except when rooting around in dustbin/dragging everything out of any cupboard he can get into/playing with DH hi-fi/having his nappy changed

GillW · 20/11/2002 08:54

My bump always seemed to know when to expect meals too! Like yours the afternoons were the quietest, but the evenings were definately riot time.

Even after "duracell bunny" DS was born the same sort of pattern applied and he's never conformed to the amount of sleep that babies are expected to need at any particular age. In particular the "in bed at 7 and sleep for 12 hours, with a couple of long naps in the day" pattern has been a total non starter for us - he simply has too much energy/stamina, and you can't make them sleep if they're not actually tired. It's taken us 14 months to get nighttime sleeps down to 8.15 in bed/6.30 up - it used to be nearer 10pm/7am.

Yes he's ultra active - he's always the one with loads of energy left when I pick him up him up for nursery, so he's running around when the others are having songs, or books read to them by that time of the day. The upside of all that activity is that he did hit all the physical developmental milestones really early (rolling at 8 weeks, sitting up by 5 months, crawling before 7, walking with a pushalong or hands/held at 8 and independently at 10, running at 12, etc).

One thing you might find if bump does turn out to be a very active baby is that he/she like to lie on the floor to wriggle about more than you'd expect even when he/she is tiny. My DS, from a couple of weeks old, was always much happier if we were out if I took along a small play mat and a toy so he could play, rather than be held or sat in his car seat. He loved - and still takes to bed now - a snake which would lie on top of him and appear to move when he kicked his legs. The activity arch was a big hit from very early days too.

Ghosty · 20/11/2002 08:57

mmmmm... my DS never kept me awake at night when he was a bump ... wish I could say the same since he came out!

whellid · 20/11/2002 10:34

Yes ! very active bump led to very active baby. Everyone commented on how he couldn't lay still even at a few weeks old. Now he's a very busy 10 month old, into everything he can get his hands on. This week he's learnt how to turn the washing machine off, empty cupbaords, and climb the stairs - and we're only at Wednesday! What I wouldn't give for his cousin, who didn't crawl until 13 months.

sprout · 20/11/2002 10:38

Hmm, I can't answer that one, but I know that a fairly quiet bump turned into a really active dd. She's 2 1/2 now and still hasn't sat still for more than 3 minutes. She was head down right from the very first scan, and just wiggled her legs around a bit in the evenings, not even kicking. It was just a bit of a pain after a while to have her always poking at the same place. So I suppose I was lulled into a false sense of security...

Jaybee · 20/11/2002 10:47

I would say yes - first pregnancy - very active bump resulted in a very active, very sporty child, second pregnancy - bump hardly moved, to the point of me contacting the midwife a couple of times as I hadn't felt it move for a couple of days - resulted in a placid, content baby which has grown into an equally content five year old dd.

bundle · 20/11/2002 10:55

in my case, yes. dd used to kick me under the ribs and before I could feel the movements,there was ample evidence on the scan. she never was one of those lying down babies once born, and always wanted to be bounced up & down on her feet even when tiny. now she never stands still

Rhubarb · 20/11/2002 23:17

Not always - no. My 'bump' was very active, used to keep me awake all night and make me feel quite sick during the day. I was very active too, walking a mile or more to work each day until I was 8 months gone. I was convinced I would have an active baby, but just like her father she is very laid back. She likes nothing more than to cuddle up on my knee and read a book. She won't walk more than she has too, would rather sit in the buggy! It suits me fine!

SofiaAmes · 21/11/2002 00:07

YES!!!! 1st bump was very very active (bruised ribs and no sleep) and resulted in a very very active boy who never slept (12 hours a day max as a new born and even less now at 2). 2nd bump was very very quiet and resulted in a very very quiet girl who sleeps all the time (normal 18 hours a day as a newborn).

SueDonim · 21/11/2002 10:21

Not necessarily! Bump1 was the most active of mine esp in the evenings and at night but turned into an easy-going baby who slept through from 3 wks.

Bump2, less active but turned out to be very highly strung. (Actually, thinking about it, he was 'nervy' in the womb, too, jumping at loud noises etc).

Bump3, fairly inactive compared to ds's and is a very calm person now.

Bump4 was active, I felt movements from 14 weeks, but they almost never woke me at night, even when I got up to go to to the loo. She must have been caching all the sleeping she wasn't going to do for the next 2.5 yrs!! She absolutely never stops, even now and is exhausting.

I felt most movemnts with Nos1&4 and I think this was because they were both OP. All the limbs seem to be at the front then and it's hard to ignore a foot or hand sticking out of your tum. The cat used to get annoyed at being booted in the backside or head by my stomach, LOL!

bundle · 25/11/2002 17:41

this baby has decided in the last couple of days (nearly 21 wks) that my cervix is a springboard! what a weird feeling

Sam29 · 25/11/2002 21:31

Know what you mean on that one, mine has always known exactly where my bladder is and seems to take delight in jumping on it in the middle of meetings! And all this whilst on the inside, does not bode well!

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