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GoldFrankincenseandMerlin · 08/12/2004 18:20

Can anyone suggest a good multivitamin type thing to take? I'm nearly 23 weeks and strugglin to eat my fruit and veg!!! Feel Baby isn't getting what it needs!!

OP posts:
myermay · 08/12/2004 18:24

pregnacare is good apparently

hunny · 08/12/2004 18:27

Make sure it's for Pregnant and Lactating Women, rather than just a general multivit. I got one at Tesco by a company called Vega. Solgar are also good (from health food stores).

GoldFrankincenseandMerlin · 08/12/2004 18:34

Thanks for those - I'll have a look tomorrow. Am I a bit late in taking something now? Spose better late than never!!

OP posts:
hunny · 08/12/2004 19:08

Definitely not too late. The first trimester is difficult enough without having to swallow a great big boulder of a vit pill! Makes me gag at the thought. I carried on taking them several months after the birth too.

logICICLE · 08/12/2004 20:01

I am taking sanatogen pronatal vitamins this time. They are the size of horse pills though.

GoldFrankincenseandMerlin · 08/12/2004 20:04

logicicle - god they sound horrendous to swallow! Shock

OP posts:
logICICLE · 08/12/2004 22:00

They are a bit! During my last pregnancy, I only took folic acid because taking the proper vitamins made me physically sick. I seem to be tolerating them better this time...

charlie95 · 08/12/2004 22:31

thanks - just bought sanatogen pronatal myself. 25 wks pg and never been a great fruit eater.!

orangina · 09/12/2004 09:10

You could also take some Floradix, espeically if you are a bit low on iron, as it contains lots of B and C vits, safe during pregnancy. Sells in most chemists as a tonic. I personally quite like the taste, but I know some people think it's foul, so maybe don't buy the huge bottle 1st time round! Hope that helps...

Caz27 · 09/12/2004 09:25

I am taking a supplement called mums essentials pre-birth (i mentioned it in the fish oils thread a couple of days ago). The capsules are really small and so are easy to swallow. They contain folic acid, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and plant extracts. I find them really handy as you just have to take the one capsule per day - so I dont have to remember to take 4 or 5 different supplements. Meant to be really good for the development of your baby as well as having benefits for mum too and you can start taking them whenever.

Caroline x

MariNativityPlay · 09/12/2004 10:03

I'd agree with Caz re the importance of fish oils in the second and third trimester. They really assist with the baby's nerve and brain development. And if you plan to breastfeed keep taking them after the little one is born as the goodness is passed on in your milk.
If you search on fish oils in pregnancy (it's a recent thread) you'll find some of the products we discussed. HTH

LittleB · 09/12/2004 10:11

I'm taking Sanoatogens ProNatal too. Mother and Baby this month sum up the top 3 pregnancy nutrition supplements, Pro Natal are there, from Boots, with Mums Essentials from Waitrose and Mothercare or Mumomega Pregnancy from Boots. Pro Natal are also cheaper and I've bought mine all on the boots 3for2 offers, they seem to have everything in - which I guess is why they're quite big!
P.S. does anyone know how to change my name to make it Christmassy?

aloha · 09/12/2004 10:18

I'm taking pregnacare, alternated with a multibionta A-Z with probiotics, but just went to health food shop yesterday to buy separate probiotics as studies have shown they are very good for helping to prevent development of asthma & excema and allergies in babies if taken during last trimester and while b/feeding. Also fish oils for brain development, and choline for same reason (not so much evidence of this, but the main sourse of choline is eggs, and I loathe eggs). Plus calcium/magnesium/vit D (osteocare) when I remember as babies bones are being formed now and winter babies may well go short of vit D. I don't actually rattle, surprisingly!

logICICLE · 09/12/2004 10:37

I took floradix on my midwife's advice after ds was born and i thought it tasted foul but it might have helped, I don't know! The chemist where I bought it looked at my huge tummy and said, 'do you think you should be taking folic acid for the baby too, dear?' and then I pointed at the full pram. She was most embarrassed but I suppose I was only 4 days post birth...

LittleB, I'll post about name changes over on the may05 thread...

Caz27 · 09/12/2004 11:47

mums essentials also have a seperate post-birth supplement again contains vits, minerals, essential fatty acids etc but slightly different in that it contains asparagus extract - used in Asia to help breast milk flow, choline - helps cells to function and thyme oil which has something to do with DHA and brain tissue!

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