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Bugger - I am now having a major panic about maternity leave

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MrsDoobaubles · 08/12/2004 10:51

Hello. Its a mare isn't it?

OP posts:
popsycal · 08/12/2004 10:51

oh shit
where did it go!
hold on

popsycal · 08/12/2004 10:52

well that is so weird - i started the thread - itdisplayed it then i vansished....
lcick 'back' and here is what i posted:

Some stupid bloody woman in personel has just put the fear of god in me...

I rang to ask if i needed to send my MATB1 direct to her or via school.....she started waffling about my 'Notice of intent' - had I sent it in. I was told previously that I only had to give 3 weeks notice.....

Then I asked if it was ok to start my maternity after the xmas hols (ie I didnt need to be on maternity over the hols - it would be 'sick' if the doc thought it approrpaite or 'back at work - have been on the sick for 6 weeks now)

Then she started saying that I would have to go back to work if I didnt want my maternity to start earlier...

Hmmm - I have asked for her superior to call me back when available...

Can anyone confirm my thoughts:

  1. employers can't enforce maternity for pregnancy related sick until 36 weeks preg?

2. I can go straight from sick to maternity.....or sick to two weeks hol to maternity
3. Doc needs to either give me a 2 week sick note or sign me off for the hols

Now the stupid 'superior' has rung me back - silly condescending woman. I assumed work had informed my 'employer' of my maternity and they haven't grrrrrrrr.

oh god - off to scream
gothicsanta · 08/12/2004 10:55

\link{\try here for help}

nailpolish · 08/12/2004 10:59

pops are you in a trade union? your local rep may be able to help

MrsDoobaubles · 08/12/2004 11:03

Sorting this was the most stressful thing of my whole life. My sympathy goes out to you.
Hr are never very sympathetic Sad Try the maternity aliiance though, they will help

OP posts:
popsycal · 08/12/2004 11:07

thanks - I have just tried to ring work and no one answered so I have emailed them!

I am sooo cross as I thought I was certain of the facts - but this silly woman has really wound me up!

Not good for the old blod pressure!

popsycal · 08/12/2004 11:07

am going to ring maternity alliance

popsycal · 08/12/2004 11:08

god i want to scream

MrsDoobaubles · 08/12/2004 11:08

Ask for the policy document. Besides the fact you'll need it, it will really wind her up!

OP posts:
popsycal · 08/12/2004 11:10

I am doing thema bloody favour by starting my maternity at 31 weeks....I could get a sick note til 36 weeks if I felt inclined!!

StuffTheMagicTurkey · 08/12/2004 11:31

popsycal, my teaching union were brilliantly helpful when I had problems over maternity and sick leave. If you're in one, do ring them.

popsycal · 08/12/2004 11:32

i will give them a ring now thanks stuff

popsycal · 08/12/2004 11:34

why doesnt the NUT have a phone number on their website

sorry girls - i am just very cross today

fairyfly · 08/12/2004 11:56

god i have no idea, i hope you get it sorted. useless post but i wanted to say please take deep breaths and have a nice long bath before persuing this. you will get it sorted and in the mean time you have to look after yourself, i can hear your heart rate here. remember you blood pressure, they all sound like clowns

hana · 08/12/2004 12:08

popsycal - sorry you're going through this stress, not needed especially now.....

I've just rec'd stuff from my LEA about ticking which type of mat leave I'm planning to take ( I had given the MATB1 form in AGES ago to school secretary, but LEA said they rec'd last week.)
The info they sent me is pre-2003 when the new extended leave and increased pay started, so I have to sort all of that out.
You have my sympathies, it just something else to deal with isn't it!

MrsDoobaubles · 08/12/2004 13:24

Tell us how it's going. I wich I had MN when I was going through this - awful Sad

OP posts:
popsycal · 08/12/2004 13:25


checke dout NUT site....and i am supposed to have given notice 15 weeks before EDD......which was almost two weeks ago.

I have been on sick leave for 2 months and materniyt stuff is all at work....

ANyway - have rang NUT guy who i need to ring back in a bit to ask:

  1. how to grovel about missing date (I HATE being wrong!)
  2. about sick.hols.maternity scenario

    crikey - i am just sooo cross today
Pidge · 08/12/2004 13:32

poppsycal - the 15 weeks notice thing is relatively new - when I had my dd (now 2.4) the notice period was more like 4-6 weeks. And my friend who is an employment lawyer and should know this stuff also missed the 15 week deadline! And the forms I filled out for my own company giving notice of maternity leave dates still had the old (longer) notice period on them. So don't feel bad.

Hope the NUT can be helpful in sorting out what should happen if you don't want to start your maternity leave yet. I was also under the impression that your employer could only force you to start maternity leave if you were off sick later in pregnancy.

popsycal · 08/12/2004 13:35

Thanks Pidge...

I asked my midwife a few weeks ago how long I had to give as notice and she said 3 weeks - that is why i am sorting it now....

I am sure when I had ds it wasnt this long in advance

Anyway - i am happyto start maternity leave early january.....sick note will probably be stopped...and I cant face going back. I am sticking to the informal date I told the head many months ago......

about to ring NUT guy again...
will update

nailpolish · 08/12/2004 13:38

good luck popsy. my boss was a bitch when it came to this.

popsycal · 08/12/2004 14:35

Just spoken to a lovely lovely guy from the union and feel all emotional now as he was sooo lovely and helpful!

He confirmed for me:
a) they can't kick in maternity til 36 weeks
b) I did have to give written notification 2 weeks ago unless I had a good reason for not doing so and he thinks i have a very good reason for not having done so - just have to explain why!
c) I can go from sick, to holiday to maternity OR sick to maternity without any prolems

So I will go to docs this week.....if they sign me back to work for the hols that is fine......then I start maternity the first day back!

I am a happier bunny!

popsycal · 08/12/2004 19:24

Just got my sick note extended until next friday - which is the start of the school hols.....So the doc can now either sign me off again over the hols when I see him on monday then statr maternity straight after that, or I can 'go back to work' on the first day of the hols then start maternity!

And the silly woman didnt even fax the form to work so my mate couldnt bring it over. Mustn;t be that urgent!

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