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Is this early labour?

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WhenIsItReady · Yesterday 11:45

Last night I had discomfort in my bump. I'm a few days from my due date. I don't think the discomfort was contractions.

Yesterday, I probably did a bit too much exercise. I went on a long but very slow walk up a hill. This would have been normal 4 weeks ago but not possible recently. I picked up toddler much more than usual- normally my partner helps more but I was feeling energetic and was playing with her lots. At one point she was on my lap leaning backwards and I stopped after a few times for fear of over doing it. I was feeling much more energetic and didn't think much of these things at the time..

At night I had a pain across my tummy. The baby was being much more active than normally. It last a few hours. I have lower back pain. It's still tender but the pain is very much background pain, quite constant, worse when the baby moves and when I do things like go up stairs. It's really hard to describe and quite inconsistent. It's very mild but definitely there. I asked my partner to feel my belly and he doesn't feel it tighten when there is more pain but often the baby is wriggling.

Also I have calf cramps, which is consistent with the long walk.

I'm thinking I probably just over did it yesterday, after a break in exercise.

I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this or if it sounds like early symptoms of labour. I know I'm expecting contractions ever 10 minutes. This seems different to that. It's always there and sometimes more intense and I'm not sure what to look for.

Thank you

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