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4 weeks pregnant, nausea going?

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Hargrov3 · 18/03/2023 22:17

Hi, just wondered if someone has been through the same!

I'm currently 4w3d after suffering two chemicals back to back in the last 4 months.

My tests are super dark, heart rate increased (according to fitbit) and I don't have much of an appetite anymore although still eat normally.

With my other pregnancies I was really sick. With my daughter I was completely oblivious until 7 weeks and then I had full blown hyperemesis until 20 weeks.

With my son I was nauseous the day before I missed my period and again had hyperemesis until 30 weeks (although a lot more mild).

It's a good thing to not have hyperemesis of course but after suffering two losses I'm scared not having any nausea is a bad sign.

I've felt a bit sick the last few days, still able to eat and drink no problems. Yesterday morning I was very nauseous and ended up being sick. But today, that's all gone. I still feel a bit off but I wouldn't class it as nausea. I'd say certain foods don't sound appealing and the thought of them makes me feel unwell.

Has anyone gone through something similar and had it all be okay?

I have my first scan around 30th March and send blood off today for betas. Just worried this is going to be another loss. I've started progesterone and this is the furthest I've gotten since my two early losses.

Thank you for listening if you made it this far.

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Izzie94x · Yesterday 08:32

Hi lovely!

I know it’ll probably still make you worry (cause I do even when I hear stuff like this lol) - but my symptoms came and went throughout the entire first trimester. I know you’re obviously comparing it to previous pregnancies but it doesn’t mean anything bad if it’s completely different. My sister had 5 babies and 5 VERY different pregnancies 🤍

I had sore boobs from BFP to about 6.5 weeks - then worried like absolutely crazy!!! Had a scan at 7+6 and baby (looked like a seahorse lol!) was wriggling away. I’ve then had nausea for a week and it’s gone, then a bad back, headaches. Everything I’ve had has come one week or day and gone the next! I don’t think it’s any true sign anything is wrong. But I appreciate that doesn’t stop the worry. I’ve worried continuously and my dating scan is finally tomorrow 🤞🏼 and the thought of it makes me super anxious lol.

If you are worried and no symptoms return, you can call the epu, but they probably won’t see you until you’re 5/6 weeks. But do what’s best for you. It’s horrible being sat worried xx

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Sassy144 · Yesterday 12:59

My nausea came and went a lot in the first trimester, in fact all my symptoms did. I had also suffered miscarriage previously so was terribly anxious, but all was fine ❤️ try not to worry. We had an early scan at 6 weeks which helped put my mind at rest, as my epu wouldn't see me.

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