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How to turn a transverse baby?

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Bell2 · 06/12/2004 16:54

Hello all
Anyone any ideas? or tried and tested methods?

I'm only 31 weeks at the moment but he's been like it for weeks. I'm not very comfortable and I'm hoping he won't stay like it.

Jo x

OP posts:
JuniperDropofbrandy · 06/12/2004 16:58

My friend's baby was transverse up until the end and she turned in time Smile I prayed for her a lot!!! but there are methods. The bum high up whilst on all fours thingy, have you tried that? You need to do it for a while I think?

gish · 06/12/2004 17:04

Plenty of time bell, around 30% of babys are breech at 31 weeks - and they have further to turn than yours! If you are really worried you can do some knee chest positions (bit like pose of a child if you do yoga?) kneeling on floor with your bum sticking up a bit, head resting on cushions or floor. This will give your baby plenty of room to move and can be quite restful for you.

Mirage · 06/12/2004 19:30

DD was transverse & I spent all my free time on all fours with my backside in the air!It worked though.I was also reccomended to try swimming,especially breaststroke as that helps turn them.

At 31wks he has plenty of time to move yet.

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