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Pregnancy sickness, were you sick with one baby but not another?

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Hilary · 14/11/2002 15:59

Well, I am at that stage of waiting for the sickness to begin. Every morning when I get successfully out of bed without rushing to be sick is a bonus.

I was quite sick with my two sons but am still optimistically hoping that I may not be sick with this one. Were any of you sick with one pregnancy but not another? Or does pregnancy sickness go with the mother rather than the baby, if you see what I mean.

Hoping to hear your encouraging stories...

OP posts:
threeangels · 14/11/2002 16:07

Hi hilary,

I had no morning sickness whatsoever with my 1st. With my 2nd and 3rd I had it till about 3 mo. With my morning sickness it seemed to just come out of no where when it did start. Hopefully youll be fine.

candy · 14/11/2002 19:54

Well I'm afraid I was horribly sick (in hospital on a drip both times) with each of my two - from practically 1 month pregnant to four months pregnant I was sick with everything and I mean everything including water and anti-sickness tablets. I do hope that you avoid it this time.

deegward · 14/11/2002 20:49


I was badly sick with my ds,up to and including the day I gave birth! This time around I don't know, I still am being sick 21 weeks, but it is infrequent, and I don't think its as bad as before.

Although my ds does comes in sometimes and says things like "wow mummy, you made mud come out your mouth" Bless.

I think I must have just lost a few brain cells, and its not registering, either that or I just view it as normal now.

Hope you manage to lose the sick soon.


janh · 14/11/2002 21:22

Hi, Hilary - I had no nausea at all with 1st (DD), felt like death with 2nd (DD)(but never actually threw up), not too bad with 3rd (DS) and rough but not as bad as 2nd with 4th (DS again). All of it was c 6th week - 13th week.

HTH!!! (Hope you manage to miss it this time!)

TigerFeet · 15/11/2002 10:19

I had nothing at all with DS but am 19 weeks with no. 2 and up to around 12 weeks, with a blip at 14, I definitely felt worse. I wasn't actually sick but needed the ginger pills and biscuits and a cold flannel on the back of my neck many a time - esp. in the wee small hours.

I just think every pregnancy is different but it is certainly an interesting phenomenon as no-one really seems to know what causes it and why some women aren't affected at all while others end up in hospital.

megg · 15/11/2002 20:37

My friend was badly sick to the point of being hospitalised with first dd and with the second dd she was convinced she was having a boy because she was fine and carried totally different. After doing a quick survey at work it seems all those who had girls bar one were sick as dogs and the of the ones who had boys only one was sick. Did notice we carried differently in that the ones with girls were generally puffy all over and the ones who had boys just carried on the belly and were all baby.

bundle · 18/11/2002 14:44

megg, my mum tells me she had hardly any sickness with me, but felt sick as a dog over my little sister, 3 yrs later. I threw up a few times with dd, but sickness waned by around 13/14 wks...this time I felt less sick for a shorter time and was convinced I was having a boy..until I found out from the scan it's another girl. I'm carrying pretty much in the same way as with dd, all pointy at the front..there's no rhyme nor reason for this preggers business.

anais · 20/11/2002 22:55

no sickness first time (boy) but I was nauseous (sp?) although only physically sick a couple of times with dd.

Eulalia · 20/11/2002 23:04

Had very little sickness with first, just mild nausea. Second felt dreadfully nauseous for about a month and it gradually got better till the 12 week mark. I think it goes with the baby as I really felt quite different with each pregnancy. Good Luck.

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