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Help with clothing

7 replies

katzguk · 30/11/2004 20:57

I'm 13 weeks pg and have morning sickness from hell but thanks to GP am now not throwing up, but if i wear anything which presses on my stomache i feel sick. so what i really want is dresses, jersery type dress at a reasonable price, does anyone know where i might find them?

OP posts:
pixiefish · 30/11/2004 20:58

or get some trousers that go over the bump that will be there. mothercare, dorothy perkins are reasonable and with their trousers if you get the ones that you can let out then they'll do the whole pg for you

zephyrcat · 30/11/2004 20:59

Do you usually weare trousers/jeans? there is something you can get so you can wear them open - I will go and try to find a link for you. I remember that feeling well, you poor thing!!!

libb · 30/11/2004 21:01

M&S did some lovely stretch boot cut black trousers that I found ideal for work towards the end of pregnancy - not maternity but elasticated and easy to tweak over or under bump as you grow xx

katzguk · 30/11/2004 21:06

most of the maternoty trousers are too soon, i have naff all bump (as expected at 13 weeks with number two!! didn't show till late with DD). I normally wear skirts or trousers to work and slobby stuff at home!! its the work bit i'm struggling with, most of my work trousers are fitted as are the skirts. I'm guessing that these dresses don't exist any more!! couldn't find any on a recent shopping trip, just hoping that a mumsnetter knows the source!!

Mothercare had one dress but the size 12 top half was indecent!!(nice cleavage growth) and the size 14 bottom half was baggy! ahhhhh

OP posts:
zephyrcat · 30/11/2004 21:08

check these out

katzguk · 30/11/2004 21:12

sound interesting, right off to post a wanted advert!!! someon might just have some kicking aorund!!

OP posts:
orangina · 01/12/2004 09:19

poor you! I don't know if you are anywhere near a zara, but they have a lot of lovely jersey stuff in there at the moment, very easy to wear (non restrictive), lots of colours, and pretty good value..... good luck! otherwise topshop is always worth a hunt through...

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