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Back pain - third tri

zhivagodr · 06/08/2022 14:44

I'm 32 weeks and my lower back pain is so painful. If I sit down in the couch and have to get up, it twinges and I really struggle. Similarly if I'm sitting down on the floor, lying in bed. It doesn't ease out if I'm walking (and I've reached the waddle stage now). I don't have a particularly large bump either and I've had back pain since the first trimester.

My q is - how do I ease it off apart from the usual massages / baths etc. Resting is impossible with toddler running around 😬😅

And, I was given cocodamel for back pain in the first trimester. I was too scared to take them so they just sat there and I powered through. But now it's getting far too sore, is it harmful to take cocodamel in third tri? Internet gives differing answers.

Thank you!

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