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small baby? worried

10 replies

spod · 19/11/2004 21:13

my brother and gf are expecting... at their 12 week scan, baby measured 3.5cms.... is this smaller than average? my dd was 6.5.... they are a bit worried. She is 5mths now, not showing... any advice would be great. thanks

OP posts:
mrsmiawallace · 19/11/2004 21:16

tell her to ring maternity unit/hosp and speak to her consultant to ask, shes probably the only one who could advize, going by her own weight/height/etc.

Fran1 · 19/11/2004 21:55

Don't know about measurements.

But the fact she is not showing is not necessarily an indication.

I always had a small bump and got told this by everybody, i became sooo paranoid, but my mw explained it was because i am tall i had more room to carry baby in me without needing to go outwards so much. Had a healthy 7lb 10oz.

pupuce · 19/11/2004 21:58

Spod- at 5 mo9nths she must have had a 2nd scan and had a MW visit.... if there was any anomaly it would have been picked up.... they do like to scare women about sizes so if it was indeed too small I am sure she'd been told !
One of my colleagues told us she was pregnant at 7 months... NO ONE could see it ! She had a normal size baby and suddenly expended when she told us !

tammybear · 19/11/2004 21:58

I don't remember being told measurements of dd when I had my scan, but I was very tiny when pregnant. You couldn't tell I was pregnant. I looked like I had just put on weight! My dd came a month early, and weighed 4lb 13.5oz when she was born, but I was quite thankful as I think that because she was a small baby, the labour wasn't as bad as it could have been as I didnt have any pain relief.

If they are concerned, they should speak to their midwife about it. xxx

spod · 19/11/2004 22:08

they are having their 20 week scan next week, so we'll see...just was wondering if the size at 12 week scan was significant or not... just looked up in my pregnancy book and it says there that baby sould be around 6cms long too

OP posts:
pupuce · 19/11/2004 22:14

Well I do think it is signifcant as they say a 12 week scan is most accurate to confirm dates... as all babies measure the same at that point.
How do the know it measured 3.5cm>

pupuce · 19/11/2004 22:15

Having said that

  1. if it was 3.5cdm and that wasn't right - they would have said something then
  2. 20 weeks is NOT 5 months but just over 4 months
spod · 19/11/2004 22:28

they were given the measurements as 3.5cm... i was given the measurements of my baby too, not sure if veryone gets that. They are very sure of her dats, as morning sickness started very early. yes 20 weeks not five months....i'm tired...and dumb.

OP posts:
pupuce · 19/11/2004 22:29

If that baby was too small at 12 weeks they would have said something.

fufmum · 20/11/2004 12:46

I am 7 months pregnant and only in last 3-4weeks have people been able to tell i am pregnant. I am not tall either, only 5'2" but for some reason didn't show till really late on. Baby is fine as MW has never shown any concerns regarding his size, i'm sure there isn't anything to worry about but if she is getting into a tizz then she needs to speak to her Mw about it.

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