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Has anyone used boots own nappies?

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EllJ · 04/02/2022 15:47

Hi, I'm looking for feedback on boots baby nappies if anyone has tried them?

We can get a great staff discount if we decide to use these but I want wanted to check how others found them before considering buying any in prep for baby's arrival

OP posts:
IsItAllOverYetPlease · 04/02/2022 16:07

yes I really liked these in sizes 1 and 2. we then switched to sainsburys for sizes 3-6.

ChloeHel · 04/02/2022 16:18

Hi! Yeah same with the discount thing haha! I’m not fussy about brands at all and will always go with what is best, but I have to be honest and say they aren’t as good as pampers! My DD would sometimes leak in them, and they aren’t as stretchy on the sides.

Tinkles78 · 04/02/2022 16:19

Yeah we used the first couple of sizes and then switched to Pampers. I thought they were great for newborn!

littlebluetrain · 04/02/2022 16:20

Yes, we used to use them a lot, and Morrisons own brand too. I found Pampers leaked more so rarely used them.

IsItAllOverYetPlease · 04/02/2022 16:37

I think pampers come up bigger so we've only used them when our DD is in between sizes. In the earlier sizes the shape of pampers didnt suit her so we had leaks whenever we tried them, but no leaks from boots or sainsburys ones.

Mimba1 · 04/02/2022 17:26

Don't bulk buy anything! Honestly they all come up different and it will depend on your baby's shape, how they sleep etc. I have some boots ones knocking around that I avoid using because they leak every single time I put my baby in them (size 4 though!) They must work for someone though or they wouldn't sell them! Also from memory they have that blue line to show they're wet even in the bigger sizes - those always give DS nappy rash.

DappledThings · 04/02/2022 17:43

I used Sainsbury's, Boots, Morrison's, Asda, Pampers and Tesco's. Never found any difference between any of them.

lifestoooshort · 04/02/2022 17:45

Yes these are good nappies -no leaks here

bigyellowTpot · 04/02/2022 17:50

my dc is 9 now but I always used Aldi Mamia nappies on him and they were brilliant and loads cheaper than pampers. I preferred them over pampers to be honest. never used boots own though so cannot comment on them.

Sideswiped · 04/02/2022 17:53

Many, many years ago I used the night time nappies as the branded ones always leaked.

Fleur405 · 04/02/2022 18:04

I used used boots stay dry (or baby dry?) nappies and thought they were very good.

EllJ · 04/02/2022 18:09

Thanks everyone. The same "own brands" seem to be recommended several times so I think I'll get some packs from a few of the ranges and see how we go. Hopefully the boots nappies work well for us as it will be a good ££ saving

OP posts:
yourestandingonmyneck · 04/02/2022 18:15


I used Sainsbury's, Boots, Morrison's, Asda, Pampers and Tesco's. Never found any difference between any of them.


They are all much the same in my opinion, with the one exception being that Pampers are hideously overpriced for something that is literally just going to be shat on.
Winglessvulture · 04/02/2022 18:35

We used the size 1 and 2 of the boots own, but weren't so keen on the size three as they don't have a wetness indicator and didn't feel quite as padded as the smaller sized ones. We switched over to the little stories bamboo nappies and also really like them.

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