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Coil pregnancies

7 replies

LoobyLoo1 · 03/11/2004 13:26

I am so worried, have just found out that my oil is gone and that i may be pregnant. Gone? Gone where? The Dr said it may hacve fallen out or be inside me, scary biscuits. Does anyone have any advice or experience with this type of matter? My mind is in a whirl. i already have 2 kids another one would be way scary.

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LoobyLoo1 · 03/11/2004 13:36

Sorry that is supposed to be coil, not oil!!

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listmaker · 03/11/2004 13:38

My friend got pregnant with a coil, was advised to have it removed so she did and then immediately miscarried.

I know of someone else who had a coil removed in hospital (don't know why - must have been some problem). They nicked her bowel, didn't realise, went home and died!

There enough horrible stories - sorry!!!

MissHoolie · 03/11/2004 13:41

Not around long but I remember a thread on this before. Is it Susan? that had a mirena baby.

vala · 03/11/2004 13:50

Oh my God, I really can?t believe this thread has just come up. I have literally JUST been having a discussion with a friend telling here that if I didn?t know better I would swear I was pg.
Been having a bit of morning sickness trouble for a few months and certain smells start me off, pretty much the same ones that used to do it when I was carrying DS. (Having real problems with his potty training at the mo---yukkk)
Anyway, I have until now, dismissed the idea as:
1)I have a coil fitted (as far as I?m aware its still there although can?t find strings, but then I never could)
2)I have had normal AF.

What's really got me wondering over the last couple of days is the little kicking feelings I have started to experience. Very, very similar to the first ?proddy? kicks I had with DS.
Is it really possible to be pg with a coil AND normal AF?

Bozza · 03/11/2004 14:15

It was SusanMT who gpt pregnant while fitted with the mirena. But its not very common - she was the only person in the country that year I think. I had a coil fitted at the beginning of September and the doctor (and I) can't find the strings. I have a scan booked for 17 Nov. Have you been offered a scan Looby?

My friend also had coil fitted and couldn't find strings had scan and everything Ok. Couple of months later started heavy bleeding, had another scan and coil completely missing.

Vala do a pregnancy test.

LoobyLoo1 · 04/11/2004 13:15

Hi back again,
Drs did a preg test yesterday and was neg but with my last baby I did 4 before anything showed up. Its weird kind of felt wee bit upset that wasn't preg even though another child right now would be v. difficult, p'haps 'm just being selfish. Went to toddlers taday too and was told about few other people who have had pregnancies with Nova T coil.

Would it nt b sore though if it was in my womb?

OP posts:
LoobyLoo1 · 04/11/2004 13:17

Yes Bozza, they have offered me a scan but i think i'd prefer to waut 4 a while longer to see. the Dr said hes gonna do another test next week. How can I w8 a whole week though. i really want closure on this.

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