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Moan About Midwife

21 replies

Mosschops30 · 03/11/2004 09:17

Message withdrawn

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MrsBigD · 03/11/2004 09:21

well I had a midwife when carrying ds who generally replied to any of my physical complaints with 'you're body is trying to tell you something so take it easy' !!!

Can you possibly go to another HC?

honesty · 03/11/2004 09:23


Mosschops30 · 03/11/2004 09:23

Message withdrawn

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Mosschops30 · 03/11/2004 09:24

Message withdrawn

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motherinferior · 03/11/2004 09:26

Mosschops, about the SPD - that's outrageous. (Symphisis pubis dysfunction, honesty). She should be checking the gap it's safe for you to get your legs apart for birth, FFS. And getting a physio/obstetric physio appointment for you. Do you want to CAT me and I can send you a piece I wrote on the topic? MIxxx

honesty · 03/11/2004 09:27

i'm not sure of spd, but do know that nothing is more important than the health of you and your baby

even if mw thinks nothing wrong it is her responsibility to ensure your "emotional" health also, so dismising your concerns is not on

can you find another mw?

honesty · 03/11/2004 09:28

if cant get another mw, can you escalate to gp?

Mosschops30 · 03/11/2004 09:29

Message withdrawn

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smellymelly · 03/11/2004 09:31

I have spd, so I know how you feel! TBH they can't do much for it, so that probably explains her dense answer, but you should be ablt to get referred to a physio.

But then when I saw my physio, I couldn't walk for a week, I was literally housebound because of what she did to me!

I saw my consultant a couple of weeks ago, and told him about the really awful nerve pain I am getting at the top of my bump, and how I'd had a chest infection for weeks that wouldn't go away(and still hasn't), and he just said 'mmm'!!

So I guess they are all pretty useless....

Mosschops30 · 03/11/2004 09:34

Message withdrawn

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honeybunny · 03/11/2004 09:38

Mosschops30-I really sympathise. My mw is completely disinterested in me. I'm 34weeks pg and seen her only 4times during the entire pg. This is my 4th pg but even so I'd like to know that everything is going ok.
SPD- ask your gp for an ostetric physio appt who would be able to properly assess you and advise on treament. Wearing a pelvic belt can really help or even a simple bump support can make a difference. Swimming can be beneficial too, but not breatstroke. Front/back crawl only. Great for taking the weight of your bump and exercising your butt,pelvic and thigh muscles, keeping them toned as your ligaments stretch further.
As for knowing which way your baby is lying- try and feel for yourself. I know that I've got feet under my right ribcage-kicks regularly, a bottom under my left rib cage, it feels round and bottom like and a melon down below. You can feel lots if you gently prod about. Get dh/dp to feel too if he's interested,just remind him to be gentle.

smellymelly · 03/11/2004 09:41

That sounds exact!! I stiffen up, worse at night, then things start to crack. I can hardly walk anywhere, and have used crutches, just to get to the toilet.

But I am actually feeling better now, I think because I have stopped doing as much, and the physio said this is normal. I am now 31.5 weeks into a twin pregnancy, and I thought by now I would be in a wheelchair. So I'm doing ok.... those shop mobilty cars at our shopping centre look really inviting though, for Xmas shopping - I mentioned this to dp this morning and he wasn't impressed!

Mosschops30 · 03/11/2004 09:42

Message withdrawn

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Mosschops30 · 03/11/2004 09:43

Message withdrawn

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mears · 03/11/2004 10:07

Mosschops - you should be referred to the physiotherapsit by the midwife to get support for your SPD. There is also absolutely no need to palpate (feeling baby) too much because the position of the babies is not a great issue at the moment (unless you are in labour).
I presume you are getting regular scans. The scan will identify the way the babies are lying. You can ask that the midwife does not dig too deeply for positions. She will need to palpate gently so she knows where to pick up the heartbeats. It is debatable whether even that is necessary at this stage if you are feeling plenty of movement but mums (and midwives) find it reassuring.

I must say that I probably say 'I think' quite a lot because my opinion may not be the same as another midwife's. I'll need to watch that

Tell your midwife what you think - it is your pregnancy and therefore your decision as to what is done to you. Definately ask to see the physio soon. HTH.

mears · 03/11/2004 10:09

Mosschops - just had another thought. When are your visits to the hospital? They should start seeing you more often and you could ask for all your visits to be there. GP is not the ideal person to be looking after a woman with twins IMO.

Mosschops30 · 04/11/2004 09:24

Message withdrawn

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Mosschops30 · 04/11/2004 09:25

Message withdrawn

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Mosschops30 · 04/11/2004 09:37

Message withdrawn

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artyjoe · 04/11/2004 09:45

Mosschops, I am so glad I found this thread as you are the only other person I have found who has exactly the same pain as me. If I have been sat at my computer for a while and then try and stand up I feel like I've been kicked in the fanny with a Dr Martin Boot and have to hold onto my belly until I get walking again. Walking around too much also makes it feel like the baby is going to fall through the bottom of my stomach. I have been told this is because the baby is lying so low, and she is, and the weight is sitting on me. Moving around at night in bed is also a real struggle and very painful. If you find anything to alieviate it then please let me know!

Mosschops30 · 04/11/2004 09:51

Message withdrawn

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