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Exposed to High VOC Paint in first trimester

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LJGFD · 22/03/2021 20:43

Needing some guidance / reassurance... first baby!!

High VOC, solvent/oil-based Dulux Once satinwood used on the skirting boards, window frames and door frames in two rooms upstairs. One week later, the smell is still so strong!! Only about a quarter of a tin used in total though, so a pretty small surface areas.

I’m 12 weeks pregnant with baby number 1, and worried about exposure to the fumes. That said... someone else did the work for us, we’ve kept the windows and doors open ever since, I’ve avoided upstairs and worked downstairs in a closed up room. I even slept away for a couple nights... but it’s still making me so worried!

Would really really appreciate others’ experiences of being exposed to oil based paint fumes in pregnancy. Did everything turn out OK?

Thank you so much in advance for your replies!

OP posts:
Level75 · 22/03/2021 20:50

It will be fine. Try not to stress about little things like that - there will be enough real things to worry about later down the line!

Ineedaneasteregg · 22/03/2021 20:53

You will be fine OP.
In a mad nesting fit I painted all the skirting boards in my house when pregnant.
Goodness knows why, after dc were born I could barely have focused on a skirting board if I'd tried.
Anyway you will fine, focus on relaxing and making the most of your peace.

LJGFD · 23/03/2021 14:57

Thanks all! Such a worrying time!

OP posts:
LJGFD · 25/03/2021 08:14

Bump - anyone else had this kind of experience? :)

OP posts:
Amz6219 · 25/03/2021 09:30

I painted all the skirting etc. (with windows open) in first trimester with my son, hadn't even thought it would be a problem and only realised after the event! He is a bright and wonderful almost 3 yo so no harm done!

Also, I am now 11 weeks and did the same recently with exactly the same paint as you because I had read that it was low VOC and only noticed the label afterwards face palm - I did wear a mask this time but I am not stressing about it really because although 'high VOC' the risk is still low.

The smell does linger doesn't it! But you will be fine :) x

MyGrassIsBrowner · 25/03/2021 09:37

I moved house, decorated, had the kitchen totally re-done all during my pregnancy.. it's incredible how hardy babies are in the womb! My 1 year old is now the most curious, funny, excited little girl I know! X

LJGFD · 25/03/2021 11:02

Thank you ladies Smile it is so helpful to hear other mums experiences, thank goodness for MN

OP posts:
firstpregnancy24 · 12/02/2024 20:44

I know it's been a few years since your post but it is literally the exact situation I am in right now although I'm 6 weeks! If you're still there... I'd be so grateful to hear from you how everything turned out with your pregnancy? It's so hard not to panic I've done something terrible during the baby's early development stage. Hope to hear from you and hope everything has gone smoothly for you!

LJGFD · 13/02/2024 06:31

my little one is now 2.5 years old and totally honestly, he is THRIVING! He’s the kindest, most intelligent, most empathetic toddler I know :) pure perfection and a little ray of sunshine!
when I look back, I realise how my anxieties really took the joyful edge off my first pregnancy. I’m now due again any day with my second, and I’ve made a conscious choice to not worry this time round and it’s been so much nicer! There are only so many things you can control, and when they get here, you’ll totally see what I mean :)
enjoy your pregnancy, everything will be okay :)

OP posts:
firstpregnancy24 · 13/02/2024 06:36

Hi @LJGFD - thank you SO much for taking the time to reply, I so appreciate it. And so lovely to hear how everything has gone for you, and congratulations on baby number 2 on the way!! All the very best Daffodil

MixedCouple · 13/02/2024 06:58

I had a fantastic Dr who said my allergies might be linked to exposire to chemicals / VOC while in utro. Spoke to DM who said yes she painted the whole house "nesting" and was not aware of the dangers with all 3 pregnancies. We all have some sort of allergy / asthma.

Personally I have avoided using chemicals as much as poss in may own pregnancies. I try to clean with distilled vinegar etc. But wouldn't dream to paint now. The only thing I did was was our carpets at the wnd of my 3rd trimester

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