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owch, it hurts - any helpful drug free ideas?

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munchkinsusie · 19/10/2004 09:11

ok, so we're supposed to be able to talk about anything on here right? well, it hurts really bad this morning when i go to the toilet - and actually just hurts when moving around/coughing etc - you get the idea. i'm suspicious it's a urinary tract infection? i've got an appointment at the doctors for later today but since i can't have antibiotics i'm not sure what they can do. so please - can anyone help?

OP posts:
Yorkiegirl · 19/10/2004 09:19

Message withdrawn

teabelly · 19/10/2004 09:19

Munchkinsusie, sounds like an infection to me...I get lots of them ever since I was a child. Can you not take antibiotics because of an allergy?? The Dr may be able to prescribe another form of medicaton. But in the meantime drink lots and lots of water to flush your system out and cranberry juice will counteract the over acidity or alkalinity (can never remember which one!)in your bladder. HTH

P.S. if it's not an allergy to antibiotics, then some of them are perfectly safe to have when pg.

munchkinsusie · 19/10/2004 15:30

thanks for that, i started on the cranberry juice immediately (have so far drunk 1.5 litres of the stuff!) and went to the docs. they've prescribed anti-biotics - i didn't think you could ahve them when you're pregnant but aparently you can. so hopefully i'll be feeling better by tomorrow. thanks for you help!

OP posts:
Twinkie · 19/10/2004 15:33

Cistapurol I thin kit is that you are talking about.

My midwife says to drink a glass of water every hour on the hour!!

Lemon Barley water or flat lemonade are also supposed to do the trick.

suzywong · 19/10/2004 15:37

you certainly can have anitbiotics for UTIs when PG, I had them twice in last few weeks of DS1, I am rubbish with pharmecutical names but it began with T if that is any help.

It's very easy to get a UTI as everything is so compressed, don't suffer any longer than you need to

suzywong · 19/10/2004 15:37

oh sorry you have got the antiobiotics, well they should kick in pretty quick.
Do they begin with T?

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