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Mat B1 certificate???

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Kookie · 18/10/2004 15:07

Can anyone help? I know I'm supposed to have handed in a Maternity Certificate to my employers by now (I'm 26 weeks) but no one has given me one and I can't seem to find out where it comes from. Any ideas??

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Twinkie · 18/10/2004 15:08

You get it from your midwife.

wobblyknicks · 18/10/2004 15:09

You're supposed to get it from your midwife - HTH. Also it doesn't matter, usually, if its a tiny bit late, as long as your employers know.

Pidge · 18/10/2004 15:09

Ask your midwife - she should give it to you, if I remember correctly from my last pregnancy.

pixiefish · 18/10/2004 15:10


Hulababy · 18/10/2004 15:13

YOur midwife will give you this if you ask her.

Bellie · 18/10/2004 18:00

Kookie - you get this from your midwife - although I didn't get mine till 30 weeks. As long as you have informed your employers in writing there should be no problem.

fufmum · 18/10/2004 18:12

Or you can get it from your Doctors, you are 26 weeks which is the minimum you need to be to get it so you should be fine!

chatee · 18/10/2004 18:58

yes and if you have a partner who is applying for the SPP(Paternity Leave)paid by the governmant then that form has to be handed in to the employers by week 25 of the partners pregnancy......mad isn't it or is it so that most men can't receive it???
there is a SPP form on the maternity alliance website that you can download and print.

Kookie · 19/10/2004 09:18

Thanks ladies, had no idea aboout the paternity certificate either so we'll get onto that too! Is it me or do people seem to not want you to find out about these things?!

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