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My BRA!!

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Twinkie · 18/10/2004 11:40

Is it possible that it could be restricting my rib cage - have terrible pain just around strap but didn't want to go out and buy loads more with only 3.5 weeks left and walking around at work with out one on would not go down too well!!

OP posts:
MrsDoolittle · 18/10/2004 11:43

Twinkie is it on the surface or deeper?

Twinkie · 18/10/2004 11:44

Feels like my whole rib cage is being tightened inwards IYKWIM???

OP posts:
MrsDoolittle · 18/10/2004 11:45

How do you feel when you breath in deeply?

Twinkie · 18/10/2004 11:46

Like I have an elastic band around my chest area!!

OP posts:
Flossam · 18/10/2004 11:49

Couldn't you go and and get re-measured and buy nursing bras? Thats my grand plan for a few weeks time?

Tissy · 18/10/2004 11:49

Twinkie, you can buy extenders, so that you have a few extra sets of hooks and eyes to play with... a good bra shop/ department should do them!

MrsDoolittle · 18/10/2004 11:50

I had this in the last few weeks of my pregnancy. I had become oedematous towards the end without realising how much.
I was asking about your breathing to make sure it wasn't something more sinister in your chest cavity. If you had problems breathing deeply that might be the case.
Otherwise you may have just expanded a little, I did. I remember the feeling. And I was thinking about number 2...

Twinkie · 18/10/2004 11:51

Ooohhh will try to get some extenders this afternoon.

Is it too early to buy nursing bras do you think??

OP posts:
MrsDoolittle · 18/10/2004 11:53

Of course a sensible person over on the other bra thread has just said that your rib cage expands to accommodate the baby. This makes sense of course

MrsDoolittle · 18/10/2004 11:54

Depend on how big you are Twinkie. I was told nursing bras are the softest bras you can get and therfore will offer no support.

Twinkie · 18/10/2004 11:56

Am wearing a 36D maternity bra at the moment - does hurt more when he decides to stick his arse in the air or kick my ribs so maybe nothing is going to help!!

OP posts:
Flossam · 18/10/2004 11:56

No I don't think so! Why not? Are yo really going to be wanting to go out shopping for them in a couple of weeks? If your worried about size explain to measurer and see if they can be a little more generous!!

Flossam · 18/10/2004 11:58

I've found as well thought that my bump is so high that the bra dosen't sit flush against my skin, it doubles over at the front. Not nice. The nursing bra from figleaves that someone did a link to looks very very nice though! I think I might go to M and S, get measured properly then subtly leave and buy one of these instead!

sleeplessmumof2 · 18/10/2004 11:59

ooh thanks for the sensible comment, rare these days i wore my nursing bras for the last few weeks of my second pregancy because they were so much more comfortable than the maternity bras in my size and offered me loads more support too. 9 weeks on doesnt seem to have done any harm. They were always gonna move just a bit more southwards anyway!!!

sleeplessmumof2 · 18/10/2004 12:01

my favourite for comfort and support was m and s by the way, better for me than emma jane or bravissimo etc etc didnt try figleaf tho'

Chuffed · 18/10/2004 12:26

I wore my nursing bra through my whole third trimester. I'm a 32E and I have heaps of support in the Elle McPherson maternelle.

Twinkie · 18/10/2004 12:30

Ooohhhh may go into Bromley on Wed and get measured up then - I donlt have access to figleaves my PC blocks it so will have a look for the M&S, Mothercare and Elle Mcskinnybackside ones!!

Have just had a feel and thisone is doubled over at the bottom so think it may be that although bump dropped quite a lot.

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