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Getting induced

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Squishy88 · 04/08/2020 16:18

Hello ladies,

So after being in latent labour for 2 weeks I went down to the MAC unit as I couldn't feel my baby move. They put me on the monitor eveything looked normal but recommended that I'd be induced due to 3 visits of reduced movement and the fact I'm 40 weeks plus 3 days and have an extremely high BMI.

So I'm currently an hour since they inserted the pessary (if that's what you call it). And pains have already begun. When she examined me I wasn't even dialated in the slightest and she said I have a small cervix. Whatever that means?? I'm new to all of this lol. It was the worst feeling I have ever felt being examined, even worse than the smear test. I think I've already cried about 5 times with fear lol. What makes it worse is that I have to do this bit alone. My other half wasn't happy to leave me bless him. But things seems to be moving quite quickly at the minute Hmm. Anyways, watch this space. My baby girl maybe here sooner rather than later.

Anyone got any positive induction stories? I've read loads and I'm absolutely bricking it. Not that I can turn back time now lol.

Happy Tuesday xxx

OP posts:
Heyha · 04/08/2020 20:55

Didn't want to read and run and it might be abut late now BUT you can ask for gas and air for examinations and pessary insertion etc- I only discovered this after having a big cry! I was nowhere near dilated when I went in and was only just 2cm after two pessaries so they broke my waters and stuck me on the drip. However I had an epidural put in at the same time which was incredible, after several busy days and nights on the antenatal ward I slept so well that night in my own room in the delivery ward! Basically don't be afraid to put your foot down or ask for stuff. I read lots about the drip being awful but the epidural completely negated that for me although I know they aren't everyone's cup of tea. Good luck, it's all worth it x

Britannah · 04/08/2020 21:25

Good luck @Squishy88 ❤️ My DS was induced at 40+1 due to similar circumstances. I’m not going to sugar coat it, induction isn’t easy BUT it is so so worth it in the end! As PP said you can ask for gas and air for examinations, I did and it helped a lot! You already sound like it’s working quicker than mine was anyway, the pessarie didn’t work for me, neither did the first lot of ‘gel’ they inserted it was the second lot that seemed to do the trick. Fingers crossed she is on her way and it won’t be dragged out!! Sending big hugs xx

catsarecute · 04/08/2020 21:34

I was induced at 38 weeks and it took 2 pessaries, then they broke my waters and put me on a drip. It took 8 hours from the drip going in til DS was born. It wasn't too bad til the last 4 hours or so which were heavy going. I had gas and air and was going to try without other pain relief but ended up having diamorphine in the end (because of the reasons I was induced, an epidural wasn't considered ideal for me). I had a fabulous healthy baby boy at the end of it so it was all worth it. Good luck

FizzingWhizzbee123 · 05/08/2020 10:31

Hoping your baby may be here by now? However I only needed one pessary and cramps started quite quickly. I had to push to be examined as they didn’t think it would happen so fast and when she did check, I was 6cm! I asked for an epidural, which was amazing! All smooth sailing after that, I even had a nap! I did end up with an episiotomy though.

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