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First time pregnant

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NatARG · 03/08/2020 22:29

I'm pregnant after two and a half years trying. We were about to start IVF when lockdown hit so the pregnant is very unexpected! I still don't quite believe it and feel I can't get too excited in case it disappears. I have had two letters regarding appointments. One is for a blood test and the other is for the booking appointment. I haven't had any more information about scans. I'm six weeks pregnant. Should I be having any more appointments? This is all very new but it seems strange no one has contacted me to check everything is okay. Not sure if I'm expecting too much!

OP posts:
Bl0ndi3 · 03/08/2020 22:34

I'm a FTM too and also 6 weeks.

I think you're expecting too much :)

I rang my GP who said I had to call the midwives and book my booking in appointment which I did a couple weeks ago now and that's the only contact I've had. My booking in appointment is in 2 weeks and I won't have any contact until then. I'll find out when my dating scan is at that appointment I think but I've booked a private scan for the same week as my booking in appointment xx

Bl0ndi3 · 03/08/2020 22:36

Also congratulations that must be such a relief after trying for so long ♥️

Scubalubs87 · 04/08/2020 06:55

OP, I fell pregnant after a long time of trying and being due to start fertility investigations so I can understand the shock and disbelief at being pregnant and the anxiety that comes with it.

At this point, contact with services will be very low. I didn’t get get a letter for my scan until around 11ish weeks both times and was scanned both times at 13 + weeks. Before then, it’s standard to have a booking in appointment around 8 weeks.

I do understand how hard it is to believe everything is ok and how weird it feels to have such low contact with professionals at this point. One thing that has helped me a lot in both of my pregnancies, although it’s not always a popular suggestion on here, was to have private early scans at around the 7 week mark. I needed to see with my own eyes that there was actually a pregnancy there. Although an early scan isn’t a guarantee that everything will be ok, particularly in my first pregnancy, when I was very anxious, it went some way with helping to waylay my fears and felt like one hurdle we had gotten through.

peachypetite · 04/08/2020 07:26

This schedule may help you. Not much happens in the early weeks. Also note depending where you live some of the below will be phone.

NatARG · 05/08/2020 21:09

Thanks so much everyone for your advice. It's really helped and reassured me. We have booked a private early scan for around week 8. I hope everyone is well and coping with whatever symptoms the first trimester is bringing!

OP posts:
kittenpeak · 05/08/2020 21:13

Congratulations! I am 8+5 weeks with my first. Had my blood tests last week (7+5) and only got the appointment through at 6+5. Booking appointment and scan appointment are towards the end of the month (booking is over the phone). I don't have any other appointments booked in, and will just ask about them at my scan.

After I self referred myself to the hospital I kinda felt like I'd been left to it. But there's only so much the professionals can really do for you, so my attitude has changed!

MahamChoudhury · 05/08/2020 22:04

I never had a blood test. Just a booking appointment via telephone. Had my first blood test at 12 week scan.

I think you are fine at this point in time. A big fat congratulations on your pregnancy! Hope it goes beautifully!!

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