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Varicose veins (?) in stomach under left ribs

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Banaaaaaanarama1 · 03/08/2020 19:50

Hi all...

Currently pg with ds2 and have had uncomfortable golf ball feeling under left ribs to left of belly button since last December, started when ds1 was about 9mo. Ignored it and put it down to maybe muscle strain or some intestinal/digestive pains, but since it was only uncomfortable and didn't feel it all the time just got on with things.
Anyway over lockdown finally got onto gp about it and have been referred for soft tissue ultrasound tomorrow.
Over the weekend I had my 20 week scan and while the sonographer was carrying out the checks they scanned over the area that has been giving me discomfort so I asked if they could see anything obvious in that area (even though I know they're not necessarily trained to look at non-baby stuff) and they said they couldn't but did I know that I had some varicose veins there? Much to my surprise. So I'm wondering whether this is the source of the discomfort. Never knew you could get varicose veins deep in your guts that you can't see on the surface of your skin?!

Also wondering whether this is what I may be told tomorrow at soft tissue scan. I have no idea even if there's any treatment for it.

Suppose I'm just posting here as I'm feeling quite anxious about it and just putting my experience out there to see if anybody has experienced anything similar?

Sorry for the long post...have tried to keep it as to the point as poss.

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