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Anyone else's relationship with their mum went a bit downhill since pregnancy announcement?

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toastandmoretoast · 02/08/2020 15:39

Wondering if anyone else has had a situation with their mum not being very enthusiastic/supportive during their pregnancy? I'm a first time mum to be and I think my mum is struggling with the idea of being a granny as she has always been quite 'young for her age' and enjoys a drink. Think she actually thought I wasn't going to have kids at all so was quite shocked when she found out. I used to get phone calls from her pretty much every day pre pregnancy now it's just texts 99% of the time and she doesn't check to see how appointments have went or anything. Hoping she'll come round once the baby is here and be more excited. Anyone with similar experience would be good to hear how it went for you and your mum.

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Rebelwithallthecause · 02/08/2020 15:41

I’m sorry your mum isn’t very enthusiastic

How many weeks are you? Maybe she will become more excited as it gets closer

Are you quite young?

Not that it should matter one bit but I know my mum didn’t want to be a grandma when I was much younger as she told me so

I had my first at 30 and she was excited by then hugely so

Does she like your husband / partner?

toastandmoretoast · 02/08/2020 15:50

@Rebelwithallthecause that's what I thought too but I'm 38 weeks now so pretty much there. I'm 31 so not about age or anything. If anything I think because I waited till 30s she thought I wasn't going to bother lol. Been with my partner for years and they've always got on well enough. I always remember her being surprised when her friends would talk about wanting to be grannies because she didn't feel a desperate need to become one. Just hope she does come round a bit once she meets him.

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